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  2. Very cool but less political documentary on Byzantium.
  3. Batallón de San Patricio
  4. The toe of King Akhenaton (King Tut's dad) returns home
  5. 98th anniversary of Titanic's sinking
  6. The SAS - The Real Story - Channel 4 - May 1st 10
  7. Hitler Stalin Pact and Katyn - RTE
  8. 30 Years Since The Death of Tito
  9. Books on the Fall of the Western Rome Empire?
  10. Germany's unexploded bombs
  11. The World's Oldest Leather Shoe
  12. June 19 1953 - Rosenbergs executed
  13. Leviathan Melvillei - Giant whale-eating whale fossil found in Peruvian Desert
  14. July 27 1974: Nixon Impeachment.
  15. The Great Hedge of India
  16. Out of Africa - Ape-like Human Beings Used Tools 3.4 Million Years Ago - Much Earlier than Thought
  17. Kursk submarine tragedy remembered ten years later
  18. 70th Anniversary of the assassination of Leon Trotsky
  19. A collection of US Posters from World War Two
  20. Thatcher blocked Soviet aid to striking miners in 1984
  21. Village Clearance
  22. 1862 : Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation
  23. Did Mitterand blackmail the Germans?
  24. Does "Evolution Trump Revolution" in Political Change - Irish Times Article
  25. Ireland's greatest: an overlooked candidate
  26. Charlie Wilson's War RTE1 Tonight 9.30
  27. Poppy pushers met Hitler and visited Dachau.
  28. Who thinks the poppy should be worn tomorrow?
  29. Ancient Worlds - BBC2
  30. 65 years since start of Nuremberg Trial
  31. New Nixon tapes reveal criticism of Jews, Blacks, Irish and Italians
  32. Rare photo of Marilyn, JFK and Bobby together
  33. 1620 : Mayflower passengers come ashore at Plymouth Harbor
  34. Operation Foxley
  35. Chile begins first official investigation into 1973 death of Salvador Allende
  36. Who could be our Hitler?
  37. The other side of 7/7
  38. Greatest military blunders in history
  39. US Secret Service release audio record of Reagan assassination attempt in 1981
  40. General A.Vlasov
  41. Bosnian pyramids
  42. Interview with an assassin.
  43. The Iron Curtain - a Landscape consideration / The Berlin Wall
  44. Last words of a doomed cosmonaut
  45. 150th anniversary of US Civil War
  46. Did French Missile Kill 95 people, including Irishman?
  47. Roswell Incident 1947
  48. 140th anniversary of the Paris Commune and the Semaine Sanglante
  49. Sarah Palin explains American history
  50. The Greek Civil War 1946-1949
  51. The Berlin Blockade
  52. 61st Anniversary of Bodo League Massacres
  53. Lawrence leads raid on Aqaba
  54. Vatican Secret Archives to be unveiled
  55. English Islamists kill 52 in London
  56. 1,000 Years of War in 5 minutes - animation
  57. Germans are in lock-step
  58. 1944: Failed assassination attempt on German Chancellor
  59. Battle of Guam
  60. Rock Painting "Found" in Welsh Cave Possibly the Earliest British Rock Art
  61. Communist dictator ordered own men executed
  62. Judgment at Nuremberg 65 years later. Fair process, or miscarriage of justice?
  63. Ireland and Britain are Indivisible
  64. Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue
  65. Welsh will survive
  66. First Atomic Bomb Dropped - 6th August 1945
  67. Zapata's Legacy
  68. "California is not an island"
  69. The History of Rioting in Britain
  70. The Elvis-Kiss Mystery—Solved!
  71. Russia in color, a century ago
  72. Who said history was boring
  73. 50 Years On From The Bay of Pigs - How The CIA Trained a Rebel Force
  74. Ned Kelly's remains identified in Oz
  75. The Jewish Translator and WW2 Criminals
  76. 75th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street this Sunday
  77. Churchill,Gandhi and 3 million deaths....
  78. Murder in Washington by secret agents of foreign power
  79. Britain's Imperial Past (+ Present)
  80. On this day in history the Jonestown mass murder
  81. Elian González
  82. Rosa Parks
  83. Erwin von Witzleben
  84. Polish Martial Law 1981 and Solidarnosz
  85. Sitting Bull killed by Indian Police
  86. The Iranian Muslim who saved Jews in World War 2
  87. Voyager
  88. If Germany had won the war, where would that have left Ireland?
  89. The History of Writing - Words and Numbers
  90. Letter of an Iraqi woman to Americans
  91. Today in 1933 Adolph Hitler named German Chancellor
  92. Fresh calls for justice for Breaker Morant
  93. Great Acts of Defiance
  94. Rupert Murdoch lobbied Thatcher on Times takeover in 1981 according to latest files released
  95. How collective memory saved lives during Japan's tsunami
  96. Face of Innocence
  97. Guernica
  98. Lynchings in America (1900-1945) By the Numbers…
  99. CSI Stone Age - 5,000 year old Blood Sample Analysed
  100. Was Bill Clinton a war criminal?
  101. Human Migration - Nice Interactive Map
  102. Photos of the USSR
  103. Treaty of Bosque Redondo
  104. Massacre in Kondomari (Crete)
  105. Pancho Villa
  106. Joseph Nye Welch
  107. The Suffragettes and Jujitsu
  108. JFK assassination conspiracy
  109. The Peacemaker
  110. Herbert Norkus
  111. Mother Jones
  112. Princess Alice rocks
  113. Alternate History - Grigory Romanov beats Gorbachev
  114. Charles Tegart - Irish Architect of Palestinian Fortress Chain in the 1930s
  115. Great collection of U.S. political posters.
  116. Eric Hobsbawm - Historian - Has Died
  117. Austrian Museum of Ancient History confirm skeletal remains are that of a woman metal worker
  118. Balfour Declaration
  119. "Of almost 200 Countries World Wide, Only 22 Have not Been Invaded by the British"
  120. Poppygate
  121. German Resistance to the Nazis, 1939-45
  122. The AK-47
  123. Les Miserables - Urban Insurgency and Town Planning
  124. The Spanish Crucible - reminiscences of Canadian veterans of the Spanish Civil war
  125. Should historic images be colourised?
  126. 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad
  127. What one event in history would you change if you could?
  128. Nikita Khrushev's Secret Speech
  129. Spirit of '45 (Ken Loach Film) + the Battle for the Welfare State
  130. The Mexican Suitcase - Photographs of the Spanish Civil War
  131. Did Humans Evolve From Aquatic Apes ? Marine Theory of Evolution Back in Vogue
  132. Today in History
  133. The Man who saved the World...
  134. 1983 - Britain Begins Move from 30 Year to 20 Year rule for info release - Nuclear Brinkmanship, Sinn Fein favoured by the UK
  135. How the British Used Poison Gas Against the Bolsheviks in 1919
  136. Was Che Guevara a murderer/homophobe/racist?
  137. Britain's war in Vietnam 1945-46
  138. Mutiny
  139. Stalin 'planned to send a million troops to stop Hitler if Britain and France agreed pact'
  140. This week in history: Maggie Thatcher resigns in tears
  141. Why Was JFK assassinated?
  142. King Billy's Bloody Rise to Power
  143. Operation Unthinkable: British Plan to Attack the USSR, 1945
  144. The bourgeoisie did not respect its heavy heritage
  145. French and German Presidents Dispute Legacy of WW1 - "What Happened to Our European Civilisation"
  146. Documents relating to the development of WW11 - resource
  147. Commemorating WW1
  148. The Red Terror of 1918
  149. October 1993 Moscow
  150. German communists starved and beaten to death by the Brits ...
  151. Samuel Hall Lord - Notorious Buccaneer and Murderer (Oligarch too!)
  152. 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz - A Crass Comparison?
  153. The Legacy of Stalin and Stalin's U.S.S.R
  154. The Oldest Stone Tools Date from Before the First Humans
  155. World's Oldest Musical Instrument ? - 40,000 year old flute found
  156. 1917 -2017 The Coming Centenary of the Russian Revolution - Discussions of the Revolution
  157. Scottish and Ulster Scot roots of the KKK
  158. Leprosy originated in Europe?
  159. The Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918-19