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  1. Japan opens 98th national airport!
  2. Irish Policy on The Middle East
  3. Arundhati Roy (famous Indian novelist) on Obamha and the insurgency in India.
  4. Walking with the Comrades...Arundhati Roy on her journey into the insurgent base areas.
  5. 'Sorcerer' faces imminent death in Saudi Arabia
  6. Kyrgizstan Anti - Government Protests - Government Falls
  7. Bhutto Assassination - UN Report Criticises Musharraf
  8. Osama Bin Laden 'Alive And Well In Iran'
  9. 66 killed in floods in Afghanistan
  10. Boy, 8, chained up by father and sold on the street
  11. CIA Considered Faking Saddam-Teenage Boy Video
  12. If you were on these juries .....
  13. Bhopal Disaster Verdicts - 8 Convicted - 20,000 died 23 years ago
  14. Murderer beheaded and nailed to cross - Saudi justice
  15. Anne Herzberg of NGO Monitor
  16. Arabs and Muslims are Violent ?
  17. Delinquents in tears after shoplifting spree
  18. Chilcott Enquiry: M15 Would Not Contribute to Blair's Iraq War Dossier in 2002 - Manningham Buller
  19. Fallujah similar to Hiroshima: medical report
  20. Saudis consider paralysis punishment
  21. Needles and Hot Nails: Maid in Saudi Arabia
  22. 100 Maoists ambush police patrol in Chhattisgarh
  23. Sticky: List of Countries Included in the Politics of the East Forum
  24. Arundhati Roy calls for Kashmiri self determination
  25. Yemeni Student and Mother Released After Student Demonstrations
  26. RTE 2 - 5 Nov 2010 "Indochine" -Vietnam
  27. Saudi Arabia Arrests Vulture on Suspicion of Spying for Israel
  28. Guerillas in Government in Lebanon
  29. General Strike Against Privatisation and Austerity in India
  30. Iraqis protest US occupation - renewed armed resistance threatened
  31. Hillary Clinton remains silent on Bahrain
  32. Cambodian Communists go on trial
  33. Hariri murder: UN tribunal issues arrest warrants
  34. Bashar al-Assad must go
  35. Anna Hazare Begins Fast -Anti Corruption Movement Takes Off In India
  36. Alternative geo-political map of the MIddle east
  37. Papuan Independence
  38. Saudi king allows women to vote
  39. Bahraini youth dies after being run over by police car
  40. Injuries as Bahrain police 'attack' protest
  41. Azerbaijan, the Eurovision Song Contest and Human Rights
  42. Is Israel about to attack Iran?
  43. Turkmenistan presidental election
  44. Syrian Civil War
  45. Climate change an important factor in Syrian uprising
  46. 112 workers locked into sweatshop of western retailers die in fire: UPDATE 700 + people died in Building Collapse, Bangladesh
  47. Ethnic Tensions in Mynamar
  48. ‘Capital of torture’: Bahraini Shiite majority demands democratic rule
  49. Iraq, the human cost of military madness.
  50. Vo Nguyen Giap has died.
  51. Saudi Arabia - War Against Immigrants ?
  52. Morocco's enduring revolutionary communists ..
  53. Saudi To "Go It Alone"
  54. Philippine Prez invokes Nazi Comparison on China.
  55. MERS virus
  56. Lessons from a Bangladeshi Communist/Socialist, Sardar Fazlul Karim
  57. Bahrain - Free the 13 and Maryam al-Khawaja *Hunger Strike Updates*
  58. Saudi Arabia - Sheik Nimr sentenced to death
  59. Hypocrisy of Saudi Arabia
  60. Turkish Elections 2015
  61. Ankara bombings ..
  62. Death of a dictator - Uzbekistan and the crisis of Central Asia
  63. 'Kill them all' - the Filipino drug war
  64. Qatar Crisis - Where is the Middle East Going ?
  65. Massacres in Myanmar? Tens of thousands flee.
  66. Over 200 people murdered in Egyptian Mosque.