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  1. Political Tensions in the EU - British 'coup' on Foreign Policy
  2. Jon Venables back in prison
  3. Michael Foot RIP
  4. Greek Workers Occupy Finance Ministry
  5. Berlin: Jackpot of $1.36 million 'won'
  6. Oligarch Wins Suit Against Russian Broadcaster
  7. British MP's in court over expenses claims
  8. War of the Worlds revisited.
  9. A history of European Union deception
  10. British MP Ashok Kumar Found Dead
  11. Resistance news from Germany.
  12. Turkey: Women face jail for getting pregnant abroad
  13. ETA suspects kill gendarme
  14. Dispatches and Sunday Times expose Labour’s cash for influence
  15. 21% of the World's Heroin Goes from Afghanistan to Russia
  16. UK Conservative MP Repays £28k in expenses
  17. Bishops intervene in British election
  18. War and Terror in the Caucasus - Ingushetia Bombs
  19. Crisis in Kyrgyzstan - the Battle for Central Asia
  20. Polish President feared dead in plane crash
  21. An EU Army - For or Against ?
  22. Thought it was just a plane crash!!
  23. US surrenders Korengal Valley
  24. Europe, Ireland and the Death Debt Trap - Nouriel Roubini
  25. Volcanic Ash - Another EU Fail ?
  26. London society has the worst rich/poor divide since slavery days
  27. Georgian "Uranium Find" - Saakashvili Cries Wolf Again ?
  28. German Troops in Afghanistan Call on Angela Merkel To Explain Why They Are At War
  29. All eyes on Nepal - May 1
  30. Brippet show
  31. They're not my wives, they're my mistresses says French Muslim
  32. Smoke Bombs and Eggs In Ukraine Parliament - Vote on Russian Naval Lease
  33. Austria Signs On To South Stream
  34. Germans want Greece thrown out of the Euro
  35. A video of the plane crash in Russia where Polish PM died.
  36. May Day 2010 - International Labour Day - Mass Demonstrations - Greece
  37. Greek Wealth Is Everywhere, Just Not on Tax Forms
  38. Greek Bailout = New Treaty
  39. Greek Workers Acropolis Call - Peoples of Europe Rise Up - Riot Police Storm Acropolis
  40. 3 dead in firebomb attack on Greek bank
  41. Greek Parliament Approves Cuts Package
  42. Iceland Arrests ex-chief of collapsed bank (Kaupthung)
  43. Portugal vows to reduce public spending
  44. Spain threatens legal action agains speculators
  45. German State Elections Today - Another Shift to the Left ?
  46. Spain: Austerity on Wednesday, General Strike promised by Thursday
  47. russian policeman accidently kills himself scratching his nose
  48. How bad will this Euro thing get?
  49. Do you think the Euro will collapse?
  50. Lisbon referendum may scupper UK coalition
  51. British Ambassador Fails To Attend National Famine Ceremony - No Explanation
  52. Non Crew In Polish Crash Flight Cockpit
  53. 50,000 + Demonstrate Against IMF Cuts in Romania - UPDATE : April 2012 - Romania's Government Falls Over Austerity Vote
  54. Violent anti-government protests in Slovenia - parliament attacked with petrol bombs
  55. Internal Strife Undermining Economic Hope
  56. The Left and Post-Crisis Europe - Has Greece Changed Everything ?
  57. German President Resigns over Economic Warfare Remarks
  58. Switzerland, Outside EU, with Gold Backed Currency (Includes posts from Norris and Doherty threads)
  59. Multi-culturalism in France: see Europe's future!
  60. Euro Free Fall, ? Double Dip on the Way?
  61. Concluding Statement of IMF Mission on Euro-Area Policies
  62. Spaniards fight austerity plan
  63. Danish Justice Ministry to investigate nun's death
  64. Belgium Election Results - Separatists Gain Seats
  65. Slovakia turns right.
  66. Amendment to EU Treaties To Strip Debtor Countries of Voting Rights
  67. 262 Schools On Strike, School Students Tear Gassed, All Refineries Closed in France
  68. McChrystle Sacked! Obama Furious Over McChrystal's Rolling Stone Interview
  69. Heroin Addiction in Afghanistan - A NATO War Crime
  70. Why Afghans Dig Empire Graveyards
  71. Georgian terrorists in activity!
  72. Aliyev is in the track of Saakashvili
  73. European Parliament 7.7.10 - External Action Service / Kosovo /Oil Exploration Starts 2 p.m.
  74. Bread and circuses!
  75. Catalonia Demonstrations - Separatism and Regionalism in Europe
  76. Hungary Resists the Markets and the IMF
  77. Alternative Medicine or Witchcraft?
  78. ALDI co-founder has died.
  79. We, refugees from Abkhazia and South Ossetia appeal to world community now
  80. Disturbing Evictions of Africans and Roma - Sarkhozy's Swing to the Right
  81. Bjork Rocks Iceland Into Probing Magma’s HS Orka Acquisition
  82. Minsk helps China to hold Europe in intelligence check
  83. Call for European General Strike 29th September
  84. Debt Crisis in Europe - Irish Man Bids €200,000 for Hungarian Girl's Virginity
  85. They don’t bring coals to Newcastle
  86. EU pressure to begin profiling of political activists
  87. Jonathans are scared of European rivalry
  88. Artfulness of leaders of countries
  89. North Korean football team at risk
  90. German Debt To Skyrocket As EU Adds Bailed Out Banks To It's Balance Sheet
  91. Will Brussels make us work till 70?
  92. Turkey Accused of Using Chemical Weapons against Kurdish Rebels
  93. Priest Prays for Sarkozy Heart Attack in Defence of the Roma!
  94. EUArabia 22nd/21st Century
  95. The Town That Went Mad
  96. Muslim cleric calls for beheading of Dutch politician
  97. EU trade chief warns of 'Jewish lobby' grip on US politics
  98. Sticky: List of Countries Included in the European Politics Forum
  99. Spain rejects ETA ceasefire
  100. Belgians warned to prepare for country's split
  101. IMF chief calls For Centralised Fiscal Control of Euro Zone
  102. Would You Move to the Second Richest Country in the EU?
  103. Swedish General Elections - Balance of Power Could Be Held By Far Right
  104. Democratic Primaries in the EU
  105. First Report by of the EU Commission to the Parliament - Foreign Affairs and the Rights of the Roma
  106. Danish People's Party to get AB BAshing
  107. I think that EU turns it blind eye to effected camp-fires of former SS veterans at the territory of
  108. "Every Country in the World is Re-arming" EU Risks becoming a Protectorate - US - China Domination
  109. Undeclared war for Arctic Regions has started
  110. New EU Code on Public Debt Could see Ireland Fined €4bn
  111. Marbella Corruption trial
  112. The Great War Finally Ends
  113. EU takes legal action against France over Roma expulsions
  114. Iceland's Politicians Have to Run From Angry Crowds at Opening of Parl.
  115. US 'considers Europe terror warning' - EU and Pakistan intel say its an Obama Election Ploy
  116. French Rogue trader jailed for 3 years, fined €4.9 billion
  117. Europarl streaming, blogs and podcast embed link
  118. ECB Stark: ECB Should Consider Hiking Rates.
  119. The Euro:- Dinner on the Edge of the Abyss
  120. Weber-ECB Bond Buying Programme Should be Scrapped
  121. EU Commissioner Intends to break Dominance of 'Big Four' Audit Firms
  122. European Liberal Democrats Elect Irish Vice President
  123. Poll shows more Romanians believe life was better under stalinism than it is now
  124. Merkel & Sarkozy Want to amend Lisbon Treaty - Agreement in Principle by EU Leaders
  125. Britain's imperialist future.
  126. Germany: Police investigates mobile phone owners for unlocking
  127. Ireland Cannot Extend Debt Deadline beyond 2014 says Commission
  128. Sweden: Sniper targeting immigrants
  129. 'Single Market Act'- Includes Tax Harmonisation - Released Tomorrow
  130. Bunga Bunga
  131. " Serious Error " If only we had it here !
  132. Swedish Politician Wreaks Havoc in Icelandic Bar
  133. Sex-for-nuclear-veto offer to German president
  134. 'Attack' on Reichstag thwarted?
  135. The effects of Fianna Fáil/Green Party idiocy on the Financial Markets today.
  136. Portugal - General Strike Against Austerity - Solidarity Between EU Workers Needed
  137. Iceland's new constitution: The voice of the people
  138. Benefit cuts 'encourage poor to breed'
  139. Re: pearse dohertys sinn fein - budget speech
  140. MEPs pay rises from €298 a day to €304 a day
  141. Kosovo - a Democracy or Monoethnic Dictatorship?
  142. Former Greek Finance minister recognised and beaten by protesters
  143. Irish Abortion Law Ruled Against by ECHR
  144. Romanian Father of Disabled Child Jumps from Balcony into Parliament - "You've Killed Our Future"
  145. Welcome to Europe
  146. Remembering Orthodox Christmas, Bosnia 1993
  147. US DOJ puts pressure on Twitter to hand over Icelandic MP's messages
  148. Albania - 3 shot dead in anti-government protests
  149. The snake finally under scrutiny ...
  150. 1 million women demonstrate against Berlusconi!
  151. How are European politics in contrast to American politics?
  152. Plagiarism: German Minister renounces doctorate.
  153. Croatia - Rolling Demonstrations Against Poverty and Corruption
  154. Portuguese People Demonstrate - "Thieves Out - A Future for Our Children"
  155. The rise of the French far-right: National Front wins 15% in local elections.
  156. Merkel Nuked In Election - Greens to lead Regional Coalition. - Sarkozy Knifed by Marianne
  157. Macedonia: What's in a name?
  158. Berlusconi - sex charge grounds
  159. Anti Bailout Anti EU - Far Right True Finns Win One Fifth of Vote
  160. Croatia: Ready for EU membership?
  161. France Blocks Migrant Train from Italy
  162. EU membership, Asylum and Libya - when first they practice to deceive...
  163. French riot police furious over alcohol in the workplace ban
  164. William Hague offers European Union membership to Arab countries
  165. What the Finns should know about Portugal
  166. NATO Units Left 61 Refugees Die of Thirst on Boat in Med
  167. Serbia dedicated to prosecuting war criminals
  168. Circumstantial evidence that Angela Merkel is a CIA spy
  169. British woman beheaded in Tenerife. Royals fault.
  170. Real Democracy Now: 15M protests continue in Spain- Government tries to clear centre of Madrid before mid-August papal visit
  171. First the EU gets the right to speak as a State at the UN now it wants to be on the Security Council
  172. Daniel Estulin ARRESTED at Madrid Airport and prevented from travelling to Ireland!
  173. Spanish local and regional elections 22 May 2011- The aftermath
  174. Chirac Chews Up Sarkozy
  175. European Regional Meeting of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO)
  176. Government Thugs Attack "Clapping Protest" in Minsk
  177. Denmark reintroducing border control - Germans calling for boycott.
  178. Holland responsible for Srebrenica deaths
  179. Le quatorze juillet!
  180. Spanish Protestors Drive Racist Police from Their Neighbourhood
  181. Explosion in Norwegian government building, Oslo, Shootings at Labour Party Summer Camp, Utoya
  182. Latvians sack their parliament
  183. Trouble on Kosovo border
  184. UK - Campaign for a Public Jury to take power away from 'feral' elite.
  185. Illegal parking? Not in my town!
  186. Greece digs trench near Turkish border
  187. Scandal-hit Polish politician Andrzej Lepper dead
  188. Armenian communist village fights the good fight...
  189. The rise of the far right in Europe
  190. Metaphor for EU/Euro
  191. Vaclav Havel RIP
  192. Operation ATALANTA
  193. Roma- Europe's Most Discriminated Against People
  194. Serbia Spends $1 Saving 5,400 Jobs
  195. Finance Ministers approve 2 new laws giving the EU greater control over national budgets
  196. Florence names street after Bobby Sands
  197. Council of Europe's Human Rights Court decision puts European commitment to Human Rights in doubt
  198. Slovenia Today - General Strike and Mass Protests Against Austerity
  199. The Rise of the Far Right in Europe - Wolves in Sheeps clothing?
  200. Is Merkel working for the Russians?
  201. EU to soon bring forward plans for economic and political union: Ollie Rehn
  202. David Malone ("Golem") Proposes New "Honest Brokers" EU Party
  203. Der Speigel: 'Berlin proposes European Special Economic Zones'
  204. Cyprus - EU bailout on the horizon
  205. Passport control of internal Schengen borders
  206. Europe supports Ukrainian opposition that embraces Nazi ideology
  207. Parliamentary expenses scam
  208. Der Spiegel: Merkel is pushing for a new EU Treaty
  209. Are the Belgians even stranger than us?
  210. Via Ukraine Chinese goods very soon will flood Europe
  211. Georgian police eliminated a band of terrorists based in Pankisi and looking forward to appear in Syria.
  212. The Masters of Corruption
  213. Belarus - Inside Europes Last Dictatorship
  214. General Strike - November 14
  215. The Secret Armenians of Turkey
  216. Khaled el-Masri vindicated by European Court of human rights ...
  217. Queen to abdicate: Announcement expected shortly
  218. How will the EU be viewed from now on?
  219. EU Presidency Counter Summit
  220. Ireland and Europe: A debate on where next.
  221. European Parliament Seat Reductions
  222. Turkey and the "Arab Spring"
  223. Do You Remember Michael Campbell?
  224. Europes Fire Sale
  225. British Natonalist Party / BNP looks for Alliance With Golden Dawn
  226. Alexis Tsiparas of Greek Left Alliance, SYRIZA, Speaks in Dublin
  227. Oligarchs and Fascists
  228. Youtube Blocked in Turkey
  229. Turkey: Muslim woman retaliates against rapist: kills and decapitates
  230. Left Groupings in the EU Parliament
  231. Fine Gael's Friends in Europe - Creeping Grip of the EPP
  232. Armenia - Azerbaijan - Nagorno-Karabakh
  233. The Changing Geo Political Landscape - How will Europe looking in 50 years?
  234. Racism in Malta
  235. Press TV reporter in Turkey killed in suspicious car accident
  236. New "qualified majority" voting in European Council
  237. Troops on the Streets in Europe 2015 - France, Belgium, U.K. - Strategy of Tension ? France invokes EU Mutual Defence Treaty
  238. The EU Goes to War for The First Time
  239. Electric Yerevan - Yet another Colour Revolution?
  240. Plan B for Europe...
  241. The headbanger throws his phone away and goes to sauna
  242. Yanis Varoufakis to Launch New European Political Movement in Berlin, in February 2016
  243. Europe's Most Wanted
  244. The Panama Papers: the secrets of dirty money
  245. An Analysis of European education: Elitist institutes versus Ordinary Colleges
  246. NATO/Russia Flexing Muscles Cold War Mark II?
  247. Turkey to protect the custom of child marriages by clearing men of sexual assault
  248. A closer EU or the USE as the counter outlet to Trump USA, Brexit and Putin?
  249. Euro Left Rome 'Plan B' summit 1th March 2017
  250. We're not alone...