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  1. 26 arrested across Europe in anti drugs raid.
  2. All Judicial Appointments in Ireland Are Political
  3. Judicial pay referendum. (Poll Added)
  4. Shatter Winding Down Critical Prison Visiting Committees
  5. Ireland's SOPA - Internet Restrictions / Threat of Site Take-Downs Within the Month ?
  6. Shatter announces two new initiatives: Immigrant Investor Programme and Start-up Entrepreneur Scheme
  7. Prison Officer, Son of Guard, Convicted of Smuggling Drugs into Jail
  8. Government cedes Limerick to crime bosses
  9. Who Should Be Tagged ?
  10. "Operation Fiacla" - Shatter Brings in Armed Check Points "to Catch Burglars"
  11. Uninsured drivers
  12. Chief Garda Wants CCTV on Every Housing Estate and Every Motorway Exit
  13. Girl's life valued at €2.50 a day, says father
  14. After Hours - short documentary looking at nightclubs with a particular focus on opening hours and licensing laws
  15. White Collar Crime - "Gardaí Only Called in in Exceptional Cases" by Central Bank
  16. The Protected Disclosure in the Public Interest (Whistleblower) Bill
  17. "Gardai" Computer Scam - "Stop Posting in the Name of the Law"
  18. McAreavey accused acquitted.
  19. Court and Legal Referendum: Does Shatter Want a Referendum to End all Referendums?
  20. The 10 o' clock off licence closure is ridiculous, extend past 10
  21. IRMS Leak - 24 hour Spying on / Surveillance of Rossport Solidarity Camp
  22. Who Goes to Jail - Big Increase in Jailings for Non Payment of Fines
  23. Ending Prostitution in Ireland
  24. Tighter immigration control is needed in Ireland
  25. Irish Citizenship Test: Draft questionnaire
  26. New Bill from Calleary - 5 Years Jail Minimum for Threatening a Guard
  27. Establishment of Europol
  28. Criminal Injuries
  29. We Must Stop All Deportations - NOW
  30. Are women getting an unfair deal from the Irish Justice system?
  31. Ireland to still purchase Israeli weapons
  32. Increase of 6% for Irish Visas for 2012
  33. Should Ireland bring back the death penalty?
  34. Shatter refuses to publish report into St Patrick’s Institute for Young Offenders
  35. Man Who Threw Egg at Gilmore's BMW for Trial in Seven Weeks
  36. Garda shot in Dundalk.
  37. Ireland named as CIA rendition partner
  38. 'How to read the McAleese Report' McGarr Solicitors publish an invaluable guide
  39. Justice Delayed - Justice Foregone ?
  40. Whose Baby?
  41. Ming had penalty points removed - used "on Dáil business" excuse
  42. Courts Conundrum
  43. S e x W o r k ?
  44. Alan Shatter vs Judge Peter Kelly - Judicial Independence under Threat ?
  45. Irish Anti-Terror Exercise with forces from "Other Jurisdictions"
  46. Michael Healy Rae and Gun Ownership
  47. Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013 and Referendum on 8th Amendment
  48. ''Every prisoner complaint probed has been ‘baseless’': Prison Officers Association
  49. Did Anti Malarial Medication contribute to suicide in the Irish army?..........
  50. Dublin Bike Thieves
  51. Garda actions at republican funerals
  52. Shatter Announces DNA database to be started in Ireland
  53. Irish Intelligence Services..
  54. Office of European Public Prosecutor
  55. Kathleen Lynch TD Endorsed Convicted Child Rapist as did Rapist, Former Labour Mayor of Cork
  56. Trouble in the Office of the State Pathologist
  57. Thomas Byrne sentenced to 12 years for fraud and theft
  58. Equality and Justice for Noeleen, Daughter of Cynthia Owen
  59. The mysterious case of the missing child-porn computer seized by Gardaí
  60. New investigation into allegations of perjury at the Stardust Tribunal
  61. The Law on Surveillance in Ireland - and Human Rights
  62. Didn't think it could get worse? Army being quiet? Nope. Are they trying to kill each other?
  63. Will the bugging scandal bring down the government?...
  64. Shatter to survive or not - poll
  65. Michael Lowry charged with knowingly filing incorrect tax returns
  66. Data Directive thrown out by the ECJ
  67. That new Justice and Defence Minister
  68. Guerin Report released- Update- Commission of Investigation established- Barrett prevents Dail debate
  69. Fitzgerald plans three new laws to crack down on dissident threat
  70. Toland Report into the Department of Justice
  71. Let's do the time warp
  72. Minister Fitzgerald publishes the Criminal Justice (Terrorist Offences) (Amendment) Bill 2014 :
  73. Thousands of old Irish laws to be scrapped - Any suggestions on more ?
  74. Minister Fitzgerald publishes General Scheme of the Children and Family Relationships Bill
  75. Britain and Ireland to Issue Joint Visas for Non EU Resdents
  76. Soldiers tied barbed wire to colleague's toes and shocked him with cable - What is happening in the Irish Army ?
  77. Frances Ftizgerald Signed Into Law GCHQ access to Irish Phone + Email - Secret Courts for Non Compliant Phone and Email Firms
  78. Irish Law - More Loopholes than a Collander ?
  79. Supreme Court Strikes Down Dpp v Kenny - Gives Gardaí Immunity when Using Evidence Obtained in Breach of Constitution
  80. Murder most foul
  81. Mass closure of English as Foreign Language Schools in Dublin - Why Such a Mess for Students ?
  82. Defence White Paper and Defence Strategy 2015-17 - End of Irish Neutrality and Beginning of Army JobBridge
  83. Criminal Justice Amendment Bill Allowing Foreign Special Forces to Operate in Ireland - Vote on Today
  84. 1985 papers, Kerry babies, etc., and the use of the law to hide things
  85. Allegations that 'pirate' radio boss Eamon Cooke linked to Phillip Cairns disappearance
  86. seanie fitz is inocent!!!!
  87. Irish Armed Forces Protecting Sliced Pan in Dublin - The Emergency of 2018 Part II