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  1. Chad and the UN
  2. Band Aid "Money For Weapons" BBC Documentary
  3. Silence On African Rapes/Forced Abortions
  4. Acid Rain causing panic in Nigeria
  5. Nigerian President Dies After Long Illness
  6. Somali's: Welcome to South Africa!
  7. Bob Geldof aims to make a few bob back from Africa
  8. Sticky: List of Countries Included in the African Politics Forum
  9. Technically challenged pirates
  10. Bank CEO jailed for fraud
  11. Are Chinese weapons being used in Darfur?
  12. Ivory Coast Elections
  13. Tunisian protests continue-Egyptian,Algerian,Yemeni, Syrian and Jordanian protests -Rebirth of Arab Activism
  14. South Sudan Referendum and Statehood - Update - Oil War in Sudan
  15. After Day of Protests, Egypt Bans Demonstrations
  16. Breaking News: Statement of the Interim Demands of the Egyptian People
  17. Threat of War by US and Proxies to Prevent Democratisation of Middle East
  18. Piracy
  19. Arab Revolution:The mouse in the room is nationalism
  20. Egyptian Minister on Corruption Charges, One Month In To The Revolution
  21. Israel launches Wave of Air Attacks over Gaza
  22. Mubarak suffers 'heart attack' during police questioning
  23. Police shoot Uganda politician
  24. Egyptian Supreme Military Council Ratifies Law to Criminalise Strikes and Demonstrations
  25. Women2Drive in Saudi
  26. Bailout Blitz Attacks Egyptian Revolution
  27. Kader Asmal, 1934-2011 RIP
  28. Somalia - Politics Climate War and Starvation in the Horn of Africa
  29. Tunisian communists hold first Congress in 25 years.
  30. Should Ireland recognise Somaliland?
  31. Tunis Declaration: Statement of North African Marxist-Leninists
  32. The Balkanisation of Africa
  33. Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland on the Invasion of Libya
  34. Algeria - What are the Brits up to?
  35. African women sweep the boards for Peace
  36. The ugly side of Capitalism in Uganda
  37. The Tunisian Elections...A very different election poster ........
  38. 'Death in the Desert' CNN on crimes against refugees in the Sinai Desert
  39. Guinea elections postponed
  40. Reactionary Terror Bombings - How Can they be Stopped ?
  41. The Salafi Who Made the Call for Prayer in Egyptian Parliament - Speaker Not Having any of It !
  42. Illegal Trawlers in Sierra Leone...
  43. Kony Baloney
  44. Moroccan rape/suicide
  45. Fascinating documentary on Thomas Sankara (1949-1987)
  46. Mugabe - "Fighting for Life in Singapore Hospital"
  47. Charles Taylor Sentenced to 50 Years - First Head of State to Be Convicted by ICC
  48. Bertie Ahern in Nigeria - A Thread With a Watching Brief
  49. Meles Zenawi (8 May 1955 – 20 August 2012)
  50. Ugandas "Kill the Gays Bill" and American Evanglism
  51. Africa for Norway - official Christmas song
  52. Happy Xmass to me
  53. Angola 1975
  54. Mutiny reports in Eritrea
  55. Alpha Conde
  56. Nairobi siege: The Irish connections
  57. The Gambia to withdraw from Commonwealth
  58. US Intervention in Africa
  59. What is going on the Central African Republic?
  60. US Acknowledges Covert Action In Congo - Assassination of Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba
  61. After Days of Protests President Blaise Compaoré and Burkina Faso Government Resigns
  62. Zimbabwe facing famine; Mugabe declares state of disaster
  63. Happenings in Zimbabwe
  64. Ethiopia-Eritrean conflict