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  1. Climate Change, is it real?, or the new Y2K Bug?
  2. Climate Change Agendas - Sceptics and Believers
  3. Chilean Earthquake followed by Pacific Tsunami - Islands under threat 27.2.2010
  4. Earthquakes and Volcanoes - I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet
  5. The Slane By-Pass Debate
  6. End of the line....
  7. Foxhunting
  8. Faithful to the end.
  9. The media and climate change denial: interview with John Gibbons
  10. Charge points for Electric cars now up and running
  11. Minister Helps Clean Toxic Bank Depths
  12. Iceland Volcano
  13. Climategate Probe Finds "No Malpractice On Emails" But Queries Approach to Stats
  14. Iceland should be fined for the Volcano.
  15. Did global warming cause the eruption in Iceland ?
  16. Task Force For Emergency Planning Meets on Volcanic Ash/ Flights Crisis - Fails to Address Planning
  17. Volcanic Ash Fall - Time to Stop Fluoridisation of Water in Ireland
  18. Ryanair offer to drop passengers in Madrid to make their own way home
  19. It might be no harm if cheap air travel comes to an end
  20. Did the skies seem a bit more blue over the last few days?
  21. Strange ring around the moon
  22. Nestwatch 2010, 2011 and 2012 - Robin and Bluetit Nests - Live Streaming
  23. Bog and Forest Fires in the West of Ireland
  24. Deepwater Horizon Oil Blowout Disaster Threatens Gulf of Mexico
  25. Germany wants 1 million electric cars by 2020
  26. World's Biggest Beaver Dam Can Be Seen From Space
  27. Hedgerows Losing Their Trees For Firewood
  28. Earthquake in County Clare
  29. 30th Anniversary of Mount St. Helens Eruption
  30. Irish Wildflowers "Underneath the Tyres"
  31. Guatamala and Ecuador Volcanoes - Cities Evacuated
  32. Health and Safety Executive criticises Sellafield in new report
  33. Guatemala Sinkhole
  34. Interactive Oil Spill Map - "If It Was My Home"
  35. Should there be Urban Fox Hunts ?
  36. Privately owned Landfills
  37. Japanese Bribing International Whale Commission Members with Cash and Prostitution -
  38. US Geologists Find 1 Trillion of Mineral Reserves in Afghanistan
  39. Irish Mammals At Risk - Red List
  40. Sea Shepherd Are Totally Awesome!
  41. " The world's rubbish dump" - floating in the Pacific
  42. GOCE Satellite Views Earth's Magnetism in High Definition
  43. Climate Change - "A Burning Question" RTE 1
  44. Fisheries Boards Merged to form One Fisheries Agency
  45. More 'Corrib's' + RTE Primetime on Resistance to Shell at Rossport
  46. ESB Should Not Manage Dams, Flood Report States
  47. New Google Earth Climate Change Map
  48. "The Heaviest Star Ever Found - 10 Million Times Brighter Than The Sun
  49. EirGrid back to the drawing board on North/South connector : Grid Link / Energy Transmission / Export
  50. The World's Ever-Increasing Hunger for Coal
  51. Conor Lenihan to go on a roadshow promoting Irish exploration
  52. Prominent left-wing environmentalist, Physicist Dr. Denis Rancourt, bales out of AGW movement
  53. Solar Explosions - Northern Lights Tonight ??
  54. Supercharged Jetstream is Proof of Climate Change - China,Pakistan,Russian Weather Disasters Linked
  55. Leaked internal e-mails - Shell Corrib Gas project
  56. Sustainable fisheries
  57. Irish Sea Bed Mapping - Marine Institute of Ireland
  58. The Solar System is A Little Older Than We Thought!
  59. Indonesia - Earthquake, Tsunami and Merapi Volcano
  60. Russian Seed Bank Under Threat
  61. Is Our Energy Policy an Illogical Mess?
  62. Has John Gormley finally stymied the Poolbeg incinerator?
  63. Ragworm has Human-like Features To Brain - Interesting Discovery
  64. Oil Company Blackmail ...
  65. New Disease In Irish Forests
  66. This Amazing Universe !!! - Milky Way Wave Length Chromographs
  67. Fíorscéal: Cá ndéachaigh na mbéachaí?
  68. Bats Have Regional Accents
  69. Municipal Water Schemes. Have Your Say
  70. Time to switch the central heating on?
  71. Kingfisher Population in Ireland Thriving
  72. Ireland's First Natural Burial Ground
  73. Northern Irish Lizards at Risk from Agriculture
  74. Saturn's Moon Enceladus Vomits Ice Plumes
  75. Global Census of Marine Life Discovers 6,000 New Species
  76. Hungary: Toxic Waste Bursts From Tailings Pond - Threatens Ecological Disaster on Danube
  77. Cork Floods
  78. Saturn's Titan Is Producing DNA in its Atmosphere Without Water
  79. The Miners in Chile. Journey to the surface!!!!
  80. Ireland has world’s 10th largest ecological footprint
  81. Starling Flock Behavior
  82. Giants Causeway stone sold at auction
  83. Stormy nights
  84. The Frontline Nov 2 2010 - Environmental Protest of Nimbyism ?
  85. Flood Warnings November 2010 - Met Eireann
  86. What's it doing where you are? Stormy / Snowy weather thread.
  87. Irish Whale and Dolphin Group - Whale Stranding in Donegal
  88. Gormley gets his fingers slapped
  89. Solar storms predicted for 2011 will knock out communication and electricity
  90. NASA Observes an " Exceptional Object "
  91. Russia to become Nuclear dump for U.S. waste
  92. Water charges for what exactly? Irish Water - Costs and Charges
  93. Ireland fails to meet EU Directives on Pollution Prevention
  94. Pat Kenny on now - Shell to Sea
  95. BirdWatch Ireland: Garden Bird Survey
  96. Three Times More Stars in Universe than Realised - The Drake Equation on Extraterrestrial Life
  97. Our harsh winter can mean death for infants and the elderly
  98. Amazing cosmological event - Solstice and Lunar Eclipse Coincide
  99. RTE 2 - Wildlife Journeys - Barnacle Geese
  100. The Return of The Bittern to Ireland
  101. Polar Bears Get The Better of Spy Cams
  102. Partial solar eclipse 4/1/11
  103. Food Contamination in Germany and Ireland
  104. Birds falling from the sky.
  105. The End of the Foghorn
  106. Triple Suns spotted over Chinese Sky
  107. Undercover cops posing as environmental activists in England. What about Ireland? (Merged With Lawrence /Stone Thread)
  108. Wind generation
  109. Synthetic Petrol
  110. Wind Energy is Useless
  111. Warming history
  112. Goodness Gracious Anyone See the Irish Fireballs ? Meteor Watch
  113. The First Day of Spring
  114. Whose future is it anyway?
  115. U-turn on UK forestry consultation- Govt caves on issue
  116. Minister (the State I assume)sued over Garda station deal
  117. National parks to be sold off
  118. Global warming, Volcanoes and Earthquake affects on Time and Space.
  119. Panda cubs ferocious brawl
  120. Japan Hit by 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami- Serious Damage to Nuclear Plant
  121. Ireland and the 1755 & 1761 Tsunamis
  122. Guerilla Gardening
  123. DFA problems with registration - FF call Gilmore "a hands off Minister" over Japan
  124. Wind Power 24/03/10 - 24/03/11.
  125. The Biodiversity of Ireland - New Report
  126. What Should Be Done About Sellafield ?
  127. Einstein v Hawkings - Epic Rap Battle
  128. Record Artic Ozone Hole - It hasn't gone away you know
  129. Government Must Prioritize National Monuments Bill in Programme of Legislation - Dail Protest Friday
  130. Slane Oral Hearing Concludes
  131. Bolivia Gives Earth "Rights"
  132. Evidence of Big Bang May Disappear Within a Trillion Years
  133. Irish Basking Shark Project
  134. Live Streaming of Hawk's Nest - KGW - Audubon Raptor Webcam
  135. Swedish insect shoots larvae into woman's eyes
  136. Raccoon in Ireland
  137. 12 Places To Go If The World Goes to Hell
  138. Fracking and the Environment: Exploration licenses granted to search for shale gas in Lough Allen area
  139. "Biblical" Mississippi Floods
  140. Fota Wildlife Park - White Tailed Sea Eagle Chick (Live Webcam)
  141. Wave power companies go to Scotland as Ireland "not open for business"
  142. Cornflower "Centaurea Cyanus" growing wild in Ballymun
  143. Transportable Gardens
  144. Row brewing over decision to exclude Sellafield from nuclear stress tests
  145. HSE Advice on Mobile Phone Use and Your and Your Childrens' Health
  146. Global Warming----Climate Change.. !!
  147. Blue Flag beaches - where are they?!
  148. The Irish Summer
  149. Irish fishermen forced to dump millions in cod overboard
  150. Lunar eclipse 15th June
  151. Earth may be Headed into a mini Ice Age within a Decade
  152. Happy Solstice/Litha/Mid Summer's day/St. John's Day
  153. Iceland Considers Prescription-Only Cigarettes
  154. Shell - Oil and Gas leaks in the North Sea
  155. Severe drought in USA
  156. Platonov - On the First Socialist Tragedy - 1934
  157. Bears Best Trapped With Donuts
  158. Superman's Birthplace Discovered in Mexico
  159. Killer Vegetables and Edible Insects
  160. Shell Oil Leak Off Scotland
  161. The Thirty Years' War
  162. Life on Earth 3.4 Billion Years Ago
  163. The Irish Winter 2011-2012
  164. Hurricane Irene etc....the 2011 hurricane season
  165. Hundreds Arrested at White House Tar Oils Protests
  166. Man-made "living mountain" proposal in the Netherlands
  167. Google discloses carbon footprint
  168. Explosion at French nuclear plant
  169. The Price of Coal
  170. Cuadrilla Resources' huge gas find in Blackpool could create 5,600 jobs
  171. Green Police Burn Ugandan Homes, Kill Children
  172. Fracking and Forestry
  173. To the South of Katmandu - The World's Highest Webcam
  174. Short-snouted Juvenile Hippocampus found in London river
  175. Clontarf Sea Wall and Dublin Port Land Reclamation
  176. Timber Production: An Inconvenient Truth
  177. FT - "EU faces 20 years of rising energy bills"
  178. Ken Dumps Barbie
  179. Is the Universe Finite or Infinite ? Margherita Hack Talks About it...
  180. The Berkeley Earth Project - Global Warming Confirmed By "Independent" Group of Scientists
  181. Jeffrey Sachs - What Kind of World Awaits the 7 Billionth Person ?
  182. Weather predictions. Science versus Weather Lore.
  183. Don't Panic!
  184. Badger Culls: The Cost Of Cruelty For Irish Citizens; €70 million to be exact
  185. Huge Arctic Storm Hits Alaska
  186. Chevron Brazilian Oil Spill
  187. Envionmental Photo's and Vids Add Yours
  188. Farmers poisoning Red Kites
  189. Genetically modified crops in Ireland
  190. Any solicitors on this forum??
  191. Convenient Fracking: Husband Of Stormont Energy Minister Owns Land In Exploration Zone
  192. Sharkwater film in Greystones on 10th Dec
  193. It's time to end the scandal of live hare coursing
  194. Health Professionals Call for End to Water Fluoridation
  195. Bingo Vegan Christmas, Dublin, 11th Dec
  196. Largest wave EVER recorded in Irish waters was today.
  197. Fur Farming Ban – U-Turn by Stealth?
  198. The Honey Badger
  199. Should Dublin City Centre Be Car Free? - New Plan for a Pedestrian City
  200. Vegan Ireland asks Matt Cooper and Joe Duffy to go vegan.
  201. How Far is it to....? Lovely new mapping tool for Ireland
  202. Snow in the Sahara
  203. Who owns Ireland?
  204. Blackbirds Nesting Early
  205. Anyone for a nice tasty lab grown burger?
  206. Plant Blooms Again After Spending 32,000 Years in Permafrost
  207. Retired District Court Judge calls for ban on hare coursing!
  208. Five Planets Viewable Now
  209. Attack on anti hunt campaigners
  210. Evidence that minister is wrong about hares being in no danger from coursing
  211. Anti hare coursing book gets encouraging review
  212. Irish Wildlife in the City
  213. Cork - Ireland's Saudi Arabia
  214. Movie Screening of Vegucated, Dublin, 20th March
  215. Fuschia. Irelands National Flower?
  216. The Hum visits Kerry
  217. Badger Baiting
  218. Irelands Bogcutters up in arms over new proposals - is their way of life to be turfed out?
  219. Oklahoma Earthquake: “almost certainly man-made,” U.S. Geological Survey report
  220. Bees Have Personalities
  221. Twisters
  222. Green Energy Use in Ireland Rises to 17% - Eirgrid Annual Report
  223. Comet Thatcher produces fireballs and sonic booms in the Sierra Nevada
  224. Sea Eagles Nesting in Ireland for 1st time in 100 years
  225. Homing Birds
  226. GM Potatoes to Be Grown in Ireland by Teagasc :The GM Debate
  227. FOI reports prove muzzling doesn't protect hares in coursing
  228. Climate Change and Ireland - Things Are Hotting Up
  229. Japan to restart reactors ?
  230. Radiation Spike Alert Michigan - Indiana - Any verification?
  231. NASA Discovers Massive Phytoplankton Blooms Under Arctic Ice
  232. It's Banned!!!
  233. Unusual climatic or scientific happenings in Ireland currently!
  234. Asteroid Watch - Huge Asteroid Fly - By This Evening - How to Watch Online
  235. Rip Lonesome George
  236. Cross dressing cuttlefish discovered
  237. Red Squirrel spotting.
  238. Duffy's Circus Protest Sun 22nd July
  239. Movie Bold Native screened 4th Aug Dublin
  240. Young Gorillas in Rwanda Seen Dismantling Traps
  241. Seaweed and sea vegetables
  242. Ocean Warming and Ice Melt
  243. Bear Family Consumes 100 Cans of Beer, Allegedly... No Comment from Goldilocks
  244. Hurricane Season - 2012 Isaac
  245. Long Lost Cousin Found in the Congo
  246. Meteor Shower or Satellite Debris Falling ? Did you See It ?
  247. Undulatus Asperatus
  248. Fish Giveaway At Kilmore Quay This Morning - A Blow Against EU Bureacratism
  249. Environmental Disaster in South Korea. Government Declares a Disaster Zone.
  250. The 'Greenwire' project: UK Tories plan to outsource wind power energy to Ireland