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  1. NAMA is falling apart...
  2. Poorly built houses from boom...
  3. Trevor Sargeant Confirms He Intervened in Legal Case
  4. Another Slashing Budget on the Way.
  5. Kerry Public Sector Workers Alliance - Puts It Up to Healy Rae
  6. Should the bond holders be given the banks?
  7. Tallaght - 57,000 Xrays not reviewed by Consultant
  8. Innovation taskforce says 120,000 jobs can be created
  9. Changing Irish Dairy Sector - Glanbia and Kerry Co-op
  10. 300 Ryanair Jobs Going to Spain or Germany - Announcement
  11. Deflation eases to 3.2%
  12. Warning on Economic Policy - North of Ireland
  13. NAMA board get pay increase of up to 70pc
  14. Anglo's Austrian banking arm in mob-cash probe
  15. Irish Building Sector in Danger of Disappearing Completely
  16. Fast Food Wage Cuts - Fair or Unfair?
  17. Bank Auditors Appointed to Major Roles in NAMA
  18. Bertie - More tax for Dublin
  19. Petrol Prices hit record High
  20. David McWilliams Interview on the Max Keiser Show
  21. We close one rail line and open another.
  22. Next Weeks Economic Indicators
  23. Nama backdate could cost €5bn
  24. Housing Solutions
  25. Sunday Tribune article on economic crisis.
  26. Cowen -A New Department of Economic Planning
  27. C A G Report - Financial Regulator and the Financial Crisis
  28. BoI, Nationwide dispute severe NAMA discounts
  29. The public sector mess
  30. Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, formerly known as Enterprise, Trade and Employment.
  31. Ireland Official Unemployment Rate 13.1% Q4 2009
  32. What is a Billion ?
  33. Trichet U Turn: Unlimited Lending continues to 2011
  34. Govt. ro announce on Tuesday 9 Billion Euro more needed for Anglo
  35. Murray O'Laoire Architects Closed
  36. Eamon Ryan - Save Anglo or We Will Have to Leave the Euro
  37. Is Good Friday a Holiday?
  38. FF = Flip Flop
  39. Terrible Tuesday
  40. how much will the Grangegorman Development Agency end up costing?
  41. The Recession is Making Us Sick
  42. The Signs of the Return of Inflation
  43. EU clears aid for Anglo Irish, opens in-depth probe
  44. Builder Bailout - FF spending your Taxes
  45. NAMA will push our Total Debt to 566% Income
  46. David Drumm - Peruse these files....
  47. "Anglo is a Celtic Chernobyl" Peter Bacon
  48. Leprechauns to bail out Government
  49. Further Confirmation of Culpable Cowens Incompetence
  50. Joe Higgins MEP speaking outside Anglo today
  51. March Exchequer Returns - Prediction 4.4 Billion Deficit
  52. Nobody saw the Quinn debacle coming
  53. Taxes down as exchequer figures behind expectations
  54. Job Opportunity - likely only a 2 year job though
  55. Anglo "Considering Taking Over Quinn" - Lenihan "Keeps Abreast"
  56. Lenihan quotes
  57. Lenihan - We shouldn’t be contemplating failure
  58. Irish Defence Forces Buy Drones from Israeli Arms Firms
  59. Business failures on the rise
  60. Banks are now insurance brokers.
  61. Are cross borders shoppers about to swap direction?
  62. Who's Been Paying For Private Health Care ? - St James Doubles its Income
  63. Rankings: Ahern, Harney, McCreevy, Cowen and the other individuals/groups with responsibility f
  64. Counting The Cost of Fianna Fail.
  65. Whats really in the pay deal?
  66. Housing market to bottom-out in 18 months: Lucey
  67. Elite Civil Servants claim their earnings are "way behind" potential Private Sector earnings
  68. Close Anglo Petition
  69. Working For Nothing - Placements and Internships
  70. NAMA is already at a €1.5 billion loss
  71. A tale of two economies?
  72. Abject failures of Finance will blight a generation
  73. Ireland and Peak Oil - Daring to Face the Worst Case Scenario
  74. We Must be Really Annoying the Northerners
  75. S & P still has negative outlook for Ireland, despite Budget and NAMA
  76. Anglo plan to inject €700m into Quinn
  77. Thank God David Drumm got the top job in Anglo-Update- Tiarnan O'Mahoney on trial
  78. BOI whacks up interest rates.
  79. Deflation at 3.1% in March
  80. The Irish Economy 2010: Recovery in Sight?
  81. Is Seanie Fitz an Anglo bond holder?
  82. Should public money be made available to save Quinn?
  83. "The crack cocaine of the stock market" - Contracts for difference
  84. McWilliams: "Ireland will be next"
  85. EU Opposition to Terms of NAMA - "will distort the Property Market"
  86. End to low Corporate tax coming soon?
  87. E.S.R.I. Quarterly Report April 2010
  88. Minimum Wage is "Too High"
  89. Retail Sales Turnover down 1.3% YoY in February
  90. Diamond staff get bonuses for saving company
  91. Elaine Byrne's sharp account of Iceland's report into the reasons for its economic collapse
  92. NAMA - Only 33% of Loans are Performing
  93. Speedposting Thread - Zombie Hotels - What Should We Do With Them
  94. Wed 14 04 2010 - Financial Regulator Reports Today to Oireachtas Committee on Regulatory Affairs
  95. Speedposting Thread - Who benefits from the Benefits Culture?
  96. Speed Posting Thread - Infrastructure Projects you would like to see
  97. A Business View of NAMA - Its A Crazy Waste
  98. Quinn Won't contest High Court-Full Administration
  99. €1,000 for your tracker mortgage - Chancers
  100. Forfás Annual Employment Survey 2009 - FDI employment back to 1998 levels
  101. Lenihan to help decide if Seanie Fitz can avoid bankruptcy
  102. Transcript at the Dail re Mr Elderfiled
  103. Fingleton's successor says events at INBS an outrage-Montenegro investigation into offshore accounts
  104. Anglo Irish Bank Request for Information - Gavin at The Story
  105. Anglo Told Executives To Hush Up €200m Deal
  106. Ireland has the highest deficit in the EU
  107. Are the Irish Banks Lending Any Money ?
  108. Trips to Ireland down 24% in February YoY
  109. 300 top bankers being investigated by the Revenue
  110. HSE Staff May Be Removed From Payroll Over Action
  111. Backlog of 50,000 means Live Register should be 485,000
  112. Irish Exports Down 8% in February
  113. Pestering Sub-Prime Lenders Face Stiff Penalties
  114. Lenihan Lied on Anglo Credit Union Bondholder Claims - SBP
  115. Sean Fitzpatrick seeking confidential deal on loan repayments
  116. Alternative currency and trading system
  117. Anglo Irish JCF1 - Wtf ?
  118. Elderfield Calls for Input to New Bank and Insurer Regulations - Suggestions Please!
  119. Want to work for NAMA?
  120. Were bankers invited to write regulation laws?
  121. Administrators seeking 800 Quinn Insurance redundancies
  122. National Solidarity Bond-Will You Buy ?
  123. 200 Hewlett Packard Jobs to Leave Ireland ?
  124. EU Pork
  125. Ryanair exists on taxpayer subsidies - Fact.
  126. NAMA begins Anglo loans transfer
  127. Small Firms Association Propose Social Welfare Amnesty
  128. IBA Warns Homeowners Not To Surrender Tracker Mortgages
  129. April Tax Receipts to be a howler.
  130. Tourism chiefs aim to put Donegal on the map
  131. Irish economy forecast to grow by 3% in 2011
  132. First services industry growth since 2008
  133. The Irish Debt Clock Ticks On and On ........
  134. The Live Register April 2010
  135. Bord Bia Launches Global Plan to Promote Irish Food Industry
  136. Lenihan Says - No Irish Emergency Budget As Debt Costs Rise ?
  137. The 'fiendish power' of ratings agencies
  138. The ESM - €500 billion European "Guarantee" announced. ECB to Buy Government Bonds
  139. Ahern Admits Abolishing Property Tax Was "Mistake" but Blames Media.
  140. Irish Exports Holding Up Well - Bank of Ireland Report
  141. Bankers go after Parents
  142. The Next Fall Out of Development Collapse
  143. What is the Point of working
  144. Bord Gais to create 500 jobs- Update: Bord Gais Energy sale collapses
  145. Green energy firm creates 100 jobs
  146. Why haven't any of the quangos been cut?
  147. Deflation down to -2.1%
  148. Is O'Cuiv About To Launch The Biggest Battle Of His Career ?
  149. Euro hits New 4 Year low
  150. Cowen says that online gambling is going to be taxed
  151. Northern Ireland could lower corporation tax
  152. When a country goes bust, defaults on creditors
  153. Bill Cullen on the Late Late/ Recievers appointed/ Danske Bank to sue
  154. Why does the State not buy BOI at 55 cents?
  155. 'swarm of locusts' who 'destroyed any potential for a stable economy'.
  156. Cowen's spoof,in black and white
  157. Somers Tells of Trichet's Shock at Toxic Loans
  158. NTMA Bond Auction 18 May 2010 - Who Bought The Bonds ?
  159. Pzifier jobs to be shed 1/6th of the workforce.
  160. Peter Matthews enlightenment to Joint committee on Finance
  161. Lenehan's stormtroopers and their relentless pursuit of VRT
  162. 200 new jobs as Airtricity enters gas market
  163. Simon Johnson's New York Times editorial piece on Ireland.
  164. A brush up of 1st quarter 2010- Irish economy
  165. Burden of Irish Debt Could Yet Eclipse That of Greece
  166. Conference at TCD -International Finance
  167. Shane Coleman: Lower and middle income workers to feel the pain
  168. Doing their bit for the economy.
  169. The Liquidity Network
  170. Outsiders -David McWilliams
  171. Diageo whiskey top up for pension funds
  172. Changes to the Irish Economy Forum !
  173. State to borrow 40 billion for Capital stimulus package.
  174. Anglo to Take Control of Struggling Arnotts
  175. Credit unions review welcomed
  176. Frank Fahey condemns "unethical" behaviour!
  177. House prices now 35% below their 2006 peak
  178. CSO inadvertenly posted this on the twitter
  179. CSO Revised National Income and Expenditure Figures - "We're Broke" says Constantin Gurdgiev
  180. Defraud the State to the tune of 194K? Lose your job but keep your pension
  181. Advice from Tom Parlon. Anyone listening?
  182. Economist's Article - their take on Ireland.
  183. Bank refused to accept cash!
  184. Now they all want a guarantee - Hotel Sector in Crisis
  185. FF/GP Logic - Homes to subsidise big firms' ESB bills
  186. Ulster Bank sees economy improving
  187. August Live register up by 2,500 from previous month.
  188. ISME Calls Government "Inept" Over Jobs
  189. August exchequer statement!!
  190. Motor insurance costs
  191. McCarthy Warns of Seven More Years of Suffering
  192. Simon Johnson tells it like it is about Ireland and the EU
  193. Sindo Article- Delay and pray strategy
  194. Pub sales drop matches PS pay cut.
  195. Revenue doing a trawl of foreign Bank transfers going back to 1998
  196. Pensions and the servant problem
  197. Brian Lenihan is Angry - At Whom ?
  198. ECB Considered Using Euro Rescue Funds for Ireland, Handelsblatt Reports
  199. The Transition to Punt
  200. Wages Bill!!!
  201. Financial Regulator will Intervene with Banks - Says Government could negotiate with Senior Bondhold
  202. Ireland changes tack on talks on bank senior debt!!!
  203. Tasc: Economy 'Can't Cope' with Multibillion Spending Cuts
  204. Who said nothing would be achieved by protesting!!!
  205. Fears for 180 jobs at Shannon Aerospace
  206. Google's “Double Irish” and “Dutch Sandwich” tax policy
  207. Honohan Says Ireland's Fiscal Slide Worse Than `Almost Any Other' Nation
  208. Dukes: We may need a new Bad Bank
  209. Ireland has 60 days of money left? Is Ireland Bankrupt ?
  210. Mallow sugar plant closure was not needed.
  211. Hypothetical on a move back to Punts
  212. How to treat the bankers
  213. Latvia, Finland, Argentina, South Korea: Any lessons for Ireland getting out of recession?
  214. Irish Business from The Guardian
  215. Patrick Honohan:- Truth at Last - IMF/EU Loan of Tens of Billions
  216. Economic Treason
  217. Pat Rabbitte Tirade to FF
  218. Whistleblower. Something truly rotten in the banking sector. Silence from our politicians!!!
  219. Some details of 4 year plan
  220. Ireland's External Debt $2.287 trillion
  221. Declan Ganley on Sky News' Jeff Randall tonight 7PM
  222. Dukes calls for bank restructuring
  223. Debt or Default? Bust Is Better Than Bailout for Irish Patient: Matthew Lynn
  224. 29 Shopping days to Christmas
  225. Extracting a social dividend from the banks.
  226. Irish Economic Crisis Explained by Robots
  227. Zeitgeist dramatised in boardroom short
  228. Best line of the day.
  229. "Lenihan worst Finance Minister in Europe" - Financial Times
  230. Change to Highest EU Treaty
  231. 'I don't accept the mortgage meltdown thesis'
  232. Ernst & Young predicts 2.3% contraction next year: says more austerity needed
  233. What's Up in Irish Charities ?
  234. IMF: Ireland will only reduce deficit to 4.5% by 2015, cuts extended , they fear political risks
  235. ESB Buys Northern Ireland Electricity
  236. Manufacturing is UP in December. oh wait
  237. Menolly Homes unable to Pay Claims
  238. AIBs Use of Forged Documents to Repossess Home
  239. Anyone else get a shock in their Jan pay packet?
  240. Central bank prediction on economic growth
  241. Goodbody's-Irish Debt Dynamics-EU Help With Banks-Or up to 20 years of Fiscal Burden
  242. Central Bank child porn
  243. Another American view of Ireland
  244. EU Shocked at Talk of Bond Default - Lenihan
  245. SBP - Enda Kenny Formally Quits Teaching Job 100.000 Severance 30.000 Pension
  246. Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair on the sad tragic ****-up that is our country
  247. Bula Resources, Ghadaffi, Albert Reynolds and the Bahrani General
  248. Drumm paid just €10,000 tax on €10m Anglo Irish income- IT Correction Mr Drumm paid 6mn Tax
  249. FG to get Lion's share of €14m in Taxpayer Funds
  250. A bit of equality for men.