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  1. What is Money ?
  2. A String of Sovereign Defaults Expected
  3. Death of the Hummer
  4. Keeping Your Home
  5. China Bubble About to Burst ?
  6. Iceland - Who Will Pay for the Bank Crisis - 93% of voters say No to Bail Out
  7. Worse than the Great Depression - O'Rourke and Eichengreen Update Graphs
  8. The Max Keiser Thread
  9. Greece will be a mega contagion - Fund Managers
  10. Sterling is Collapsing
  11. The Happy Planet Index - Happy to Pollute ?
  12. March 31st 2010 - Financial Armageddon?
  13. Lehmans death and dodgy accounting: report released
  14. Economic impacts of Peak Carbon Energy - Probably the most important graph in the world
  15. The Gerald Celente Thread
  16. The Peter Schiff Thread
  17. Dollar Vs Euro 2010
  18. Federal Reserve leaves rates unchanged....
  19. U.K. Trade Unions and Bosses Clash over U.K. Budget
  20. Spain, the biggest contagion of all
  21. Is the US like Greece ? -"Two Economists ***** Slapping Each Other"
  22. India unexpectedly raises Interest rates because of Inflation
  23. Court orders Fed to release bailout documents
  24. Real Unemployment in the UK is 28%
  25. The Financial Markets: ISEQ, Nasdaq, Hang Seng....
  26. UK Strikewave ? British Airways and Now Hewlett Packard
  27. Stunner: China set to announce Trade DEFICIT in March
  28. Fictional Reserve Banking System
  29. Jim Cramer: This Health Care Bill will cause a double dip recession
  30. German Pensioners Take Financial Advisor Hostage
  31. France and Germany agree on IMF aid for Greece
  32. Eurozone agrees Greek rescue plan
  33. White House to announce housing aid: sources
  34. Chavez/Correa launch new oil lubricant.
  35. Microfinancing
  36. Greece almost had a Failed Bond Auction Today
  37. Surprise in German Inflation Rate Jump
  38. USA and China Meet on the Yuan - Trends to Protectionism and Trade War 2010
  39. Latvia Two Years After Its Bank Bailout - Highest Unemployment in Europe
  40. Massive Bomb Blasts at US Consulate - Peshawar, Pakistan
  41. The World Bank and Climate Change - The Carbon Credit Scam
  42. Unemployed friends forum: any Irish equivalent?
  43. Will the EU Bail out Greece with 30 Billion Euro ?
  44. Iceland's Truth Commission report on the economic collapse to be published today
  45. Northern Rock Directors fined and banned
  46. US Trade Sanctions Around the World
  47. Speedposting Thread - The Ipad, why all the media hype?
  48. BREAKING NEWS: Goldman Sachs sued for fraud. At last! - FTSE 100 Falls
  49. There is Life After Default - Argentina offers Bondholders A Last Chance Deal
  50. Pressures on Germany to Leave the Eurozone
  51. Economic Ignorance and the Liberal Hypocrisy
  52. Gurdgiev on Vincent Browne Show 28 April 2010
  53. US Markets Crash in Panic on Greek Euro Fears
  54. German parliamentary vote backs Greece bail-out funding
  55. Germany can't save everyone.
  56. Morphine for the Market
  57. Germany to leave the Euro over the weekend?
  58. Is Gold Magic?
  59. Happiness
  60. How The Bankers Fleeced The World
  61. Markets are plunging over North Korea and Euro threat
  62. Privatisation - "The Big Sellout"
  63. OECD Economic Outlook 25th May 2010 - Prepare for Long Term Unemployment
  64. German Central Bankers Suspect French Intrigue
  65. i-phone Chinese Factory Suicides - Steve Jobs Defends - Chinese Workers Take Action
  66. China At A Turning Point - The Battle for Higher Wages
  67. The IMF -International Reserves Accumulation and International Monetary Stability
  68. The lawyer in charge of announcing DoF decisions reports from the Finance Ministers meeting
  69. Another Liquidity Crisis Coming to the Banks this Summer- Kathleen Barrington
  70. Radiohead's Thom Yorke says Collapse of the Music Industry is Imminent
  71. Good video -Crisis of credit explained.
  72. Irish Banks Threaten UK With Black Monday Collapse - Bank of England
  73. The Marc Faber Channel
  74. UK Budget
  75. Dow below 10,000 yet again. The Bears are back in town.
  76. For Economics Junkies - New IMF Financial Access Data Base
  77. 2 million in the US About To Lose Unemployment Benefit - Extension Passed 20 July
  78. Corrupt Politicians? Surely not. Only in France I assume. envelopes stuffed with cash.
  79. Portugal's "Golden Share" in Portugal telecom ruled unlawful.
  80. WSJ "Ireland and Spain's Unemployment is Permanent"
  81. Marxism and the Crisis of Capitalism - Animated
  82. What is "European Security"? Roche & OSCE in Kazakhstan -Irish Defence Goes International
  83. The rise in Commodity Prices: Cocoa hits a new record
  84. European Banks Stress Testing - Results to be released Friday July 15 2011
  85. We are saved, UK & Germany Party out of Recession!
  86. Chinese Banking Crisis on the Way
  87. One Economic Chart That You Should Permanently Burn Into Your Memory
  88. What Goldman Sachs Did With It's Bail Out Funds
  89. Former World Bank Economist, Joseph Stiglitz, predicts looting of Ireland's infrastructure
  90. The Millenials - US graduates - No Jobs and Big Student Loan Debts
  91. French public servant "outs" the system. Any chance of this happening here?
  92. "The Attack on the Euro by the US and the Dismantling of the European Union"
  93. Cross Border World Trade Fell by a Quarter in 2009
  94. Hungary kicks out IMF and Cuts Central Bank Governor's wages 75% - EU Tries to Reinstate it.
  95. The Price of Our Sovereignty
  96. Eddie hobs book energise
  97. EU Wants Talks On Direct Taxation
  98. IMF Says the US is Bankrupt
  99. The Hindenburg Omen: Massive Wall Street Crash Coming Soon
  100. Chinese GDP Overtakes Japan - & Apple Peeled
  101. Nesc Report - The Euro: An Irish Perspective - Says More Economic Control by the EU Needed
  102. The Burden of Taxation
  103. France to Lose its AAA+ Sovereign Rating - Sarkozy Calls Emergency Meeting
  104. Chinese Credit Ratings - West Stripped of AAAs - The New Shape of the World Economy
  105. UK economy grew 'more than first thought'
  106. "After the Fall" - Long Term Prospects For The World and Irish Economy Economy
  107. Second Great Depression
  108. Is Canada the Next Ireland?
  109. Study says most corporations pay no U.S. income taxes
  110. Food Crisis - Why the Price Surges? Biofuels ? Droughts, Floods and Climate Change ?
  111. "Starving The Beast" - The IMF Got It Wrong
  112. Robert Newman's Eco-Powered History of Oil
  113. World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2010 - China Up Ireland Down
  114. A Marxist analysis of the crisis
  115. Gold Hits Record High - Confidence Slides - Are We Crashing the System ? # Goldwatch
  116. 2 year anniversary of Lehmans collapse
  117. FT: Albert Edwards - Inequality Drives World Economy into Chaos
  118. WSJ reveals existence of EU secret task force to save monetary union
  119. BREAKING:- Iceland's Former PM to be Taken to Court-Alleged Negligence over Banking Crisis - TRIAL BEGINS
  120. World War 2 Did Not End The Great Depression
  121. Bear Market: Banker Fraud 1m Teddy Bear Collection for Auction
  122. Currency Wars - U.S. is "Tomb Maker": (China Economist) - Fed Issues 600 billion dollars
  123. Morgan Stanley Sued for Fraud by China Development Investment Bank
  124. End Game For the Dollar - "It will be Chaotic" - Jon Hathaway, Bloomberg
  125. Robert Zoellick, World Bank Head Calls for Return to Modified Gold Standard
  126. Mervyn King - Former Bank of England Head Says "End Fractional Reserve Banking"
  127. The World Clock
  128. Quantitative Easing Explained
  129. Manipulating the markets - the missing Goldman Sachs Software
  130. Leo Panitch on Ireland and the World Economic Crisis
  131. David Malone: Do we still live in a democracy?
  132. Bankers Bonuses: Feast in Time of Plague
  133. Madoff's son = RIP
  134. Spreads widen on US bonds
  135. eating our lunch AGAIN
  136. David Drumm maxed out credit cards before declaring bankruptcy
  137. Lloyds Banking Group - 4.3bn of losses on loans to Ireland
  138. Riots in Pakistan as Stock Market Falls 6.7%
  139. European debt crisis explained in 2 minutes...
  140. Chinese Ghost Cities
  141. Max Keiser today
  142. China backs Spain to Emerge from Crisis: Beijing
  143. Billionaire plea for cheap labour
  144. What are Derivatives ?
  145. Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer plans to hand over offshore banking secrets of the rich and famous
  146. People for Corporate Tax Cuts !! :)
  147. American States Will Default on Public Sector Pensions
  148. Ponzi Schemer: Allen Stanford incompetent for trial: judge
  149. S.&P. Downgrades Japan as Global Debt Concerns Spread - NY Times
  150. Economic Impacts of the North African Uprisings
  151. Which Currency Will Crash First?
  152. Austerity goes America
  153. Study course of Marx's "Capital" ....
  154. Libya, oil prices, mercenaries and UniCredit
  155. Financial Terrorism Suspected in 2008 Economic Crash
  156. 'The price of this financial crisis is being borne by people who absolutely did not cause it"
  157. Head of London School of Economics resigns over Ghaddafi Donations
  158. The Rich are Getting Richer - Ireland and the World ( Independant and Forbes Lists)
  159. Burdened With Debt
  160. Financial Crisis Explained
  161. Nationalisation of TEPCO -- Isn't it Time We Nationalised things that Aren't Broke ?
  162. Global Current Account Imbalances - The IMF, Equality and Oil Exporters Surpluses
  163. Germany- the European super domino.
  164. Soros and Bretton Woods 2 - "Rearranging the Financial Order"
  165. Why the Fed is Giving 220 million to Two Morgan Stanley Wives - Rolling Stone Magazine
  166. Deutsche Bank in crosshairs of U.S. regulators
  167. Three largest online poker sites indicted and shut down by FBI
  168. The real capitalist end game?
  169. US Economy continues to slump
  170. World Sovereign Vulnerability Index (Rabo) - Some Surprises ....
  171. Countertrade - an alternative to the nonsense of money
  172. Peak oil in 2006
  173. Cinco de Mayo and sovereign default
  174. May 2011 - Run on the Euro and Commodity Price Collapse - New World Crisis on the Way or Just a "Flash Crash ?
  175. The Unwisdom of Elites
  176. Former Icelandic PM Charged, wishes it had come Sooner
  177. Is the IMF an New Form of Colonialism ? - Joseph Stiglitz says "Yes"
  178. "On the Political & Economics of Dominic Strauss Kahn's Political Death"
  179. German Newspaper tells Greek PM to Surrender
  180. World on Course for next Crisis warns Gordon Brown
  181. Leaked document reveals how Libyan state funds were invested
  182. Conspiracy Theory of the Month - Strauss Kahn Framed as About to Reveal that US Gold Reserves are Gone
  183. Keynes v. Hayek - The Hip Hop battle
  184. Eurozone Woes are US Woes
  185. Hedge Funds Grab Farm Lands in Africa
  186. Ireland's 2011 Bilderberg attendees /Update - Bilderberg 2012 & 2013
  187. We Reap What We Sow
  188. Could the IMF be displaced as lender of last resort?
  189. Carstens vs Lagarde - Competing for Post of Managing Director of IMF
  190. The Spanish - and Our - Property Bubble Explained - Brilliant Cartoon
  191. Liam Halligan - "The West is in for a rude awakening after years of abusing risk free debt."
  192. Who owns the Billion dollar Palace?
  193. Police: Man attempted own hernia surgery with butter knife
  194. Protestor in US Jailed for 2 years for Wrecking Gas Auction by Making Frivolous Bids...
  195. "Full Fledged Panic" - World Economic Crisis Moving to a New Stage - Global Capitalism Running Out of Road
  196. Is the system destroying itself?
  197. Nouriel Roubini - Marx Was Right - Capitalism is Destroying Itself
  198. The IMF are here.
  199. Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes? - Rolling Stone
  200. Goldman Sachs CEO hires defense lawyer
  201. Dublin Ranked 25th Most Economically Powerful City in World. Who Knew???
  202. Class-war in the USA?
  203. Meltdown month: Wall St Crash, Black Wednesday, collapse of Lehman Brothers were all hit in the month of September.
  204. Yanis Varoufakis - New Bottle, Old Keynesian Wine
  205. Debt: The First Five Thousand Years
  206. Screw the Banksters - Use Bitcoins / Are Bitcoins Just Another Bubble
  207. Surviving Peak Oil and Economic Collapse
  208. November 5th - Bank Transfer Day
  209. The Families Who Rule The World
  210. Why Did Argentina's Default Work?
  211. Are the economic woes we're experiencing a "man made" problem?
  212. Stop CETA
  213. Bank Transfer Day
  214. Gold on the Rise again
  215. Whether Ukraine is punished for discredit of idea of the Kyoto protocol?
  216. 23 things they didn't tell you about capitalism
  217. How capitalism works: Vulture Funds...
  218. The Psychology of Capitalism
  219. Sticky: Foreign Exchange and Currency Dealing - FXwatch
  220. Who are the "Group of 30" ?
  221. Steven Keen On Debt and How to Get Rid of It
  222. OEDC Economic Outlook Deteriorating - Growth Slowing and Eurozone Poses Serious Risk
  223. Standard And Poors Reviews 37 Global Banks, Downgrades Bulk - Full List Attached
  224. Michael Hudson: Debt and Democracy - The Broken Link (Best Thing I've Read This Week)
  225. The Great Liquidity / Solvency Crisis , the ECB and other Responses
  226. Credit Crunch Carols from Citi....
  227. "Don't Tax the Rich - Tax Inequality" - Interesting Proposal
  228. The High Costs of Higher Education and Student Loan Debt
  229. Bankers Pay - When are Wages Theft ?
  230. Fed up being screwed? Lie back and think of... Ecuador.
  231. Oil and Financial Sanctions Against Iran: EU To Freeze Assets of the Iranian Central Bank and Ban all Trade in Gold with Iran
  232. Who Owes What to Whom? Bank of International Settlements Infographic
  233. World Manufacturing Trend - Greece, Ireland and the Rest
  234. The Rise of Apocalyptic Financial Bloggers
  235. IKEA pays private security firms to spy on customers
  236. Dutch Freedom Party pushes euro exit as 2.4 trillion rescue bill looms - Is this the face of things to come?
  237. Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs
  238. MF Global client list published
  239. Recession-weary Irish finding jobs in Calgary
  240. Matt Taibbi again, this time Bank of America
  241. Goldman Sachs Owns Child Sex Trafficking Website
  242. Speculators and the price of petrol
  243. "Why the Market is Slowly Dying" - Zerohedge
  244. How Iceland Had the **** to Stand Up to Britain
  245. BRICS countries to establish new international development bank
  246. Double Dutch With an Irish Sandwich - How Multinationals Avoid Tax Via Irish Subsidiaries
  247. ILO Report - "Austerity isn't Working" - Rising World Unemployment, Increasing Political Unrest
  248. Is "Growth" the Answer to the Crisis ?
  249. Unsustainable debt everywhere - case study Jamaica
  250. Naked Short Selling, Goldman Sachs and Rolling Stone