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  1. European Stability Fund Has No Funds : EFSF, ESM and Eurobond Discussions
  2. "IMF Would Do Untold Social Harm" In Ireland
  3. Lenihan "Did Not Go to the IMF" This Weekend When He Went to the IMF
  4. Ireland's Choices? There is Another Way for Bullied Ireland
  5. Max Keiser - The IMF and ECB Caused the Crisis - No to Financial Terrorism!
  6. Irish Government has Approached the IMF to Discuss AId
  7. Cameron Proposes a Bilateral Loan to Ireland ? Another Act of Union ?
  8. This is a joke.
  9. Getting to know the IMF task force: Ajai Chopra, Ashoka Mody, Richard Burrows
  10. Could "the bhoys " be playing it right ?
  11. Herald: IMF give 3 week deadline for savage cuts to welfare and services
  12. As Irish Citizens, who now controls Ireland
  13. Who will be Ireland's guarantor?
  14. Government Announcements at 1pm and 8.15 p.m. - Live Stream to RTE - IMF Arrives
  15. Patrick Honohan Interview with Rachel Corrie Morning Ireland
  16. So Minimum wage is on the chopping block. Who benefits? (Hint: IBEC)
  17. Josef Ackerman and his piggy bank
  18. Rehn - Tax Increase Inevitable
  19. Lies, Lies and Bloody Lies - British Irish Discussions on Bi-lateral Loan for Weeks
  20. IMF / EFSF Loan - What's the Interest Going to Be ?
  21. Krugman today on "Eating the Irish"
  22. Five historical national defaults-how they fared
  23. 85 billion bailout loan agreed for Ireland - EU / IMF - Brian Cowen Statement at 6.30 p.m. 28th Nov
  24. Is the NPRF gone??
  25. Government Statement - Announcement of joint EU - IMF Programme for Ireland - Text
  26. EU-IMF Programme Documents & Secret Side Letter on the Banks - Update: Lenihan's Letter of November 9th Released
  27. The IMF - Who Shapes its Policies (1) - Richard Burrows - ex BoI Governor
  28. Thread by apjp - Could the IMF be willing to work with us to get a return on investment ?
  29. Change to Highest EU Treaty To Enable European Stability Mechanism / Fiscal Compact - Referendum Required ?
  30. Moody's slashes Ireland to Baa1, warns more may be ahead
  31. Ireland - IMF - Letter of Intent
  32. A Christmas Message and New Year
  33. Transcript of IMF conference call on EFFA(extended facility fund arrangement)
  34. The Irish Crisis - Counterpunch
  35. Tesco Moving to the Gold Standard?
  36. Unemployment UP by 5,200 in December
  37. Honohan says EU-IMF Open to Renegotiation of Bailout - 28 days for the New Government to Renegotiate
  38. EU Ministers to discuss Lowering Irish bailout Interest Rate
  39. Joe Higgins Says The Working People of Europe are Being Robbed to Pay Banks - Barosso Goes Ballistic
  40. Has the EU just repeated the mistakes of the 1920s?
  41. Castleblaney shopkeeper given loan of €32 million from Bank of Zurich
  42. Fine Gael and the Finance Bill - Noonan's Speech to the Daíl.
  43. Germany backs Low Interest Loans if "Fiscal Framework" Enshrined in Constitutions
  44. Roubini and Rogoff say that Ireland risks insolvency unless bank debt restructured
  45. How the world sees our crisis and a warning to Europe
  46. The Irish Banking Crisis Hits A New Wall - IMF / EBC/EU Team "Routine" Emergency Visit
  47. What the Irish Times isn't telling you - K. Barrington in today's SBP
  48. Economic growth
  49. Everything you always wanted to know about NPRF and were afraid to ask.
  50. ECOFIN Report 76; The Economic Adjustment Programme for Ireland Feb 2011
  51. FG/LB/SF read this: "Iceland's Voters Get Final Say on Repaying British, Dutch Depositor Debt"
  52. Pat Cox to advise on re-negotiation?
  53. Gerry Adams is leading the way in calling for a referendum on a default
  54. IMF Staff Report on Ireland. December 17 2010
  55. The IMF in Action - Savage Cuts in Services, Fire Sale of Assets, Public Sector Wage Cuts Coming
  56. Default or Profit from our debt?
  57. Protesters in Cairo Demand Prosecution of Mubarak’s Associates - Any chance Ireland can follow suit?
  58. Referendum on the Banks Crisis and the IMF/EU Agreement -Demonstration at Dail on Wednesday 6th 2011
  59. IMF April Forecasts - Irish and UK Projected Growth Halved
  60. Max "Financial Terrorists" Keiser of Global News Channel RT Visiting Dublin for Talk
  61. Shut up and take your medicine Paddy...
  62. FG Labour Cabinet Meets Tonight on Revised EU / IMF Memorandum of Agreement / Bailout Terms
  63. "Bailout Boys Go To Dublin" - BBC Radio 4
  64. 'Let the banks negotiate with their creditors' - CEPR
  65. Separation of Sovereign Debt / Rejecting the IMF Events
  66. Just Published - Ireland - Stability Programme Update April 2011
  67. You’re Irish, the banks are Irish, so you’re all guilty.
  68. Department of Finance Publish The Next Three Years IMF/EU Approved Budgets
  69. Morgan Kelly: 'A prolonged and chaotic national bankruptcy is becoming inevitable'
  70. Ireland to get 'EU loan rate reduction'
  71. Obama and Geithner blocked IMF deal to haircut Irish debt.
  72. EU and IMF start key Athens visit as Greeks Strike - Will Greece save Us
  73. IMF lays Blame at feet of Previous Government
  74. The IMF - Neo-liberal Tallymen Wreck Our Health.
  75. I.M.F. Head Strauss-Kahn Is Arrested and Accused of Sexual Attack - Did Sarko Set it Up ?
  76. EU 'Partners' make €1.3bn yearly Profit at our Expense
  77. April 15, 2011 January 29, 2001 Ireland: First and Second Reviews Under the Extended Arrangement and Request for Rephasing
  78. Christine Lagarde announces candidacy to replace Strauss-Kahn as head of IMF
  79. Taoiseach firmly rules out Plans to Re-schedule EU-IMF Loans
  80. Any takers for mutual debt cross cancellation?
  81. What's a little debt between friends?
  82. The ESM Changes - Why Ireland May Never Have Needed the Bail Out in the First Place - Namawinelake
  83. EU / IMF Terms for Ireland & Third Review of Ireland's Progress
  84. ESM Treaty Signed Today - European Stability Mechanism Bill 2012 - Published today
  85. Limerick Says No to IMF Dictatorship
  86. 'Final Destination Europe' - Golem XIV blog, today
  87. EU / IMF Programme of Financial Support for Ireland 28 July 2011
  88. EU IMF Programme of Financial Support for Ireland 28 July 2011 - Transcript
  89. why dont the IFSC slimeballs pay their way like in Luxembourg?
  90. What if we leave the EU?
  91. A sign of the times
  92. Third IMF Ireland Review Sept 2011 - Ireland Told To Sell 5 Billion in Assets
  93. Change of Terms to Ireland's EFSM "Terms and Conditions" "Mini-default" ?
  94. Michael Mc Dowell and the Bilderberg Group
  95. There IS life without the IMF(& EU &ECB)
  96. Growth forecast for Irish economy raised
  97. Greek Government Calls Referendum on the Bailout - When do We Get Ours ?
  98. Gene Kerrigan on the IMF
  99. Enda Kenny and Lucinda Creighton - The Government Has No Contingency Plans for the Eurocrisis
  100. EU Commission - Public Consultation on Stability Bonds
  101. Another Route to Ireland's Needed Devaluation?
  102. Fourth Review - IMF EU Letter of Intent 20 December 2011
  103. Troika Says Ireland Must Cut Welfare and Increase Tax 2013
  104. What will 2012 bring for Ireland?
  105. Sticky: The Text of the Fiscal Stability Treaty
  106. EU/IMF Programme for Financial Support for Ireland February 2012
  107. Michael D Higgins cites takedown of Glass-Steagall
  108. Michael D "alarms" minister who want to slip through the austerity treaty
  109. ESM quietly altered in February to insert clause preventing Ireland from receiving funds without ratifying Compact
  110. Ireland, Letter of Intent, February 10 2012
  111. "The Whore Haggling About the Price" - Is This What Fintan O'Toole has Come To?
  112. Why won't Enda answer questions on the European Stability Mechanism?
  113. Promissory Notes and their Legal Validity....
  114. Digital entertainment retailer Game enters examinership - more problems with redundancy payments?
  115. 17.5% of population in poverty
  116. Ireland, from an ECB Perspective - Asmussen
  117. Are the Troika representatives hiding from Vincent Brown?
  118. Fiscal Responsibility Bill 2012 - To be Brought to Oireachtas if the Referendum is Passed
  119. European Stability Mechanism Bill 2012 - Texts Published 8 May 2012
  120. Who Has, Who Has Not, and Who Will Not Ratify the Fiscal Stability Treaty ?
  121. e2.25 billion euro Bond Payment Made Today to Anonymous AIB Bondholder. Media Coverage?
  122. Anyone else so disappointed with the result of Fiscal Treaty vote?
  123. Irish Debt Activists Protest at ECB as Draghi Says "There's No Yes Vote Quid Pro Quo"
  124. Post Spain - Should Ireland's Bailout be Renegotiated ?
  125. IMF Vote Against the Fiscal Compact
  126. Irish Bank Debt Negotiations : The Euro Area summit is 'a game changer' for Ireland
  127. Irish Government-Five EU Submissions to try to change Fiscal Compact Treaty-Stops EU Release of Papers
  128. Sticky: Seventh Review : Statement by the EC, ECB, and IMF on the Review Mission to Ireland
  129. Ireland IMF Article IV Consultation July 2012 - Means-Testing of Benefits
  130. Failings of IMF surveillance of the financial crisis
  131. EU/IMF Programme for Financial Support for Ireland August 2012
  132. Sharon Bowles MEP - Ireland Should Get a Better Deal on Bank Debt
  133. Political assessments of ESM
  134. Why can't we have a Coalition of Resistance in Ireland
  135. Eighth Troika Review October 2012
  136. High Court Decision Creates Dangerous Precedent for Undocumented Workers....
  137. Change of terms to Ireland's 'bailout' interest rates on the way?
  138. Budget Day Protest #Dec5
  139. Protest the Passing of the Property Tax Bill this Friday #Dec14: Property Tax Protest UPDATES
  140. IMF says if Ireland misses economic targets next year, it urges Government not to introduce extra Budget measures till 2015
  141. The Sound of t'Other Shoe Dropping...
  142. Full Leaked Winter 2012 EC Review of Ireland (via The Story)
  143. The IMF Has a Cookie Cutter Programme - One Size For All
  144. EU Counter Summit - videos
  145. MOU March 2013
  146. The IMF and Bailout 2.0: Ninth Review 3rd April 2013
  147. "In principle" Ireland and Portugal's EFSM and EFSF loan maturities extended to 7 years: Eurogroup Ecofin Mins.
  148. Theory of 'Austerity' fatally undermined by basic mistakes from its best known economic study
  149. "Exiting the Bailout" What Will That Involve ?
  150. Ireland's Second Bailout on the Way - Dressed Up as "Support for Exit from the Bailout"
  151. Budget 2014- October 15th: So who's calling the shots?
  152. Breaking: Irish Exit from Bailout Delayed by Two Months ?
  153. Back Benchers and the Department of Health Meet the Troika
  154. Breaking: Less Bailout - More Austerity - "Ireland Leaving Bailout December 15th" Update: With a German backstop
  155. Merkel and Kenny Agreement - Is the KFW Bank Arrangement a Sweet Deal for SMEs or a Covert Backstop ? ?UPDATE: Memorandum ?
  156. IMF Twelfth and Final Review and the Move to Post Programme Monitoring - "Backstop needed for Irish Banks"
  157. Remembering the Arrival of the IMF/EU in Ireland - What were You Posting ?
  158. 'Meaningful and radical, but workable alliances'-Potential for SF/LEFT/IND Coalition POST EUROS/LOCALS 2014?
  159. Red C Poll - Only 27% of Irish People Would Support More Austerity to Save the Euro
  160. Professor Morgan Kelly vs "The New Reality" of the Irish Economy- Who Wins ?
  161. Conditionally yours: An analysis of the policy conditions attached to IMF loans
  162. Ireland's Stability Programme Annual Update April 2014
  163. Ireland and the iMF 'Post Programme"
  164. What exactly does Google export from Ireland?