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  1. If Canada finds out..
  2. Candian timber deal saves protects area is about twice the size of Germany
  3. G20 -June 2010 Toronto - Growth Crisis + Demand for Public Enquiry into "Martial Law" Policing
  4. Canada's defence minister unsure what lies beyond border..
  5. The Canadian Federal Election 2011
  6. Brilliant protest in Canadian senate
  7. Canadian NDP to give up on socialism ...
  8. Prince Harry to become King of Canada?
  9. Canada set to become economic powerhouse
  10. Canadian union asks, "How Screwed Are You?"
  11. No more beaver?
  12. Occupy Canada update ...
  13. Operation PROFUNC - Canada's Secret Plan to intern tens of thousands of Communists and sympathisers
  14. Fidel gives Canada a lash ..
  15. Canadian student's "Spring of Discontent"
  16. Canadian Government Wants To Remove Public Access to Counterinsurgency Manual
  17. Human foot mailed to Canada Conservative party HQ - Porn star is supect
  18. The myth of the "sound" Canadian banks ..
  19. Trouble in Quebec, Separatists Elected
  20. Canadian Govt Sells Its Soul for More Dollars...
  21. Canadian aboriginal leader commences hunger strike -vows to die for her people.
  22. Allegations of Voting Fraud in Last Canadian Election
  23. Genocide in Canada
  24. Canadian Parliament House Shootings
  25. Four British sailors accused of gang raping a Canadian woman in Halifax
  26. Canada moves Left
  27. Fort McMurray Fire
  28. Canadian state deems 83 year old philosophy professor to be a security threat ...
  29. Canada 150 years old ? Oh really ?