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  1. 'Number of Individuals Killed and Wounded' - Nato
  2. Dutch ...and Canadians... Out of Afghanistan - Should Ireland Follow ?
  3. Archaeologist sees proof for Bible in ancient wall
  4. Jundullah Terrorists Backed By US - Scandal
  5. The Perils of a new Intifada
  6. Human Shields being used in Afghanistan by both sides?
  7. US Israel Crisis Israeli PM
  8. Taliban leader was arrested while having secret peace talks with Afghan goverment in Pakistan
  9. Two-State Solution: Israel and Palestine
  10. Gaza - It Goes On - Israelis Attack Gaza City
  11. Israeli's Advised to Leave Sinai
  12. Israeli journalist goes into hiding ...
  13. Afghanistan's Police Force Arrest Pakistani Army Officer with Suicide Bomb Vests - video
  14. Taliban Trusted More Than Government - US Army
  15. Pakistan supports Taliban. No sh*t Sherlock !
  16. Afghanistan War Room Wikileaks - The biggest leak in Intelligence History
  17. Kabul in the 1950s "Mad Men furniture, pencil skirts, record stores and factories"
  18. Pakistan's Monsoon Floods
  19. Aafia Siddiqi- "The Grey Lady of Baghram" - Sentenced to 86 Years in Prison
  20. Karzai Aide Under Corruption Investigation Linked to the CIA
  21. Run on Afghan bank's deposits reported
  22. 12 US Soldiers Charged on Secret "Kill Team" that Collected Civilians' Fingers as Trophies.
  23. British Soldiers in Afghanistan Being Investigated for Heroin Trafficking
  24. Obama's Afghanistan Strategy Falling Apart & CiA running 3,000 Assassins
  25. Mumbai Mass Murderer spits at court and demand US trial!
  26. Nature's Revenge or Bio-Warfare? A New Fungus Hits the Helmand Opium Crop
  27. Cabinet Papers 30 Year Rule - How Britain Channelled Covert Arms to Mujahideen in Afghanistan
  28. Petraeus's Scorched Earth Policy in Afghanistan - "Reduction of Villages" = War Crime
  29. US Military to Stay in Afghanistan - Gates
  30. Has the Taliban Helped or Hindered Imperialism?
  31. 8 foreign UN Workers killed by protesters in Afghanistan - two beheaded
  32. Osama Bin Laden
  33. Pakistani journalist Saleem Shahzad found dead
  34. US - Afghan "Secret" Talks on Long Term US Presence Cause Outrage
  35. Taliban military organisation
  36. Karzai's brother reported killed by own bodyguard
  37. Insha'Allah
  38. Hina Rabbani Khar
  39. In Memory Of Those Killed By American Forces
  40. UN - torture in Afghanistan is "systematic"
  41. A.Q. Khan.. A warning from history regarding the Iranian bomb
  42. Pakistan Closes Afghan Border After NATO kills 24 Pakistani Troops
  43. Taliban to open "Embassy" in Qatar ..
  44. US Army: Brigadier general has died in Afghanistan
  45. Coverage of Six British Soldiers who died in Afghanistan:Biased reporting...
  46. Threat of Military Rule in Pakistan
  47. Trial of Khaled Sheik Mohammed and Other Alleged 9/11 conspirators
  48. British man sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan