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  1. Construction unions discuss 7.5% wage cut plan
  2. Half a Billion A Year in Rent Supplement - a Back Hander to the Property Owning Sector ?
  3. National Survey of Ongoing Housing Developments: Dealing with Unfinished and Ghost Estates
  4. House Prices and Other Property Prices
  5. Developer Bailout by Lease and Rental -Tom Browne, Anglo
  6. Sine E closes down
  7. Royal College of Surgeons Loses 150 million in Property Deals with MacNamara and Gannon
  8. Ireland - House Price Falls County by County since 2006 (The Guardian)
  9. Standard and Poors Downgrade Limerick Tunnel
  10. National Housing Development Survey - There's a Ghost Estate Near You
  11. Public-Service Offices - rented for billions.
  12. Bowen Construction gone into Liquidation
  13. Builder wants a Minister for Construction and private pension funds chanelled to infrastructure projects
  14. Concrete cartel
  15. The Most Expensive House in Ireland and Other Extreme Follies
  16. Peats in receivership and upward only rent increases
  17. Flogging dead horses and other efforts to kickstart the property market
  18. Deutsche Bank Report - It Will Take Ireland 43 Years to Fill Empty Houses.
  19. Shane Ross Calls for An Investigation of CRH - "A Quasi Monopoly Company"
  20. 'Arise, Officer Crosbie, you have done the state some service'
  21. "€37,875 Shares Acquired on Behalf of Judge John Cooke 13 Days Into CRH Competition Case"
  22. "Value for Money" Six out of Sixty Contractors on School Projects go Bust
  23. Long Term Leasing
  24. The mystery of the reappearing developer
  25. US vs European Bankruptcy - What could Ireland learn?
  26. House equity losses
  27. Where does Local property tax go?
  28. An Spréach - Housing Action Committee
  29. Anti Homeless Device Removed by An Spréach
  30. An Spréach Members Arrested and Charged
  31. First Base Project or Cheap Publicity Stunt?
  32. An Spréach & D8HAC Before the Courts
  33. Eviction Attempt Thwarted by People Power
  34. A Victory for Social Justice: Housing Activists Beat the Court
  35. How to tame the property market - Affordable accomodation for all.
  36. Take Back the City: Occupation of Vacant Buildings