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  1. G20 - Death of Ian Tomlinson
  2. My daughter was murdered in Scotland - please sign the petition!
  3. Was Enoch Powell right ?
  4. Lib Democrats and Tory have a 'deal'
  5. Gordon Brown British PM to step down!!
  6. UK intend to install replacement Plaque on Rockall
  7. Democracy Corrupted?
  8. Is Margaret Thatcher Dead Yet?
  9. UK:Chief Secretary to the Treasury Resigns
  10. Cameron Announces Cuts that "Will Change The Way of Life" in Britain
  11. Resistance to cuts emerging in the UK
  12. Letterfrack Lives on - British State Manual on How to Assault Children
  13. Cameron unveils "Big Society" Initiative.
  14. "Britain Can No Longer Defend Itself From All Threats"
  15. Servants need a slap: Brent Council consultant says
  16. Explosion in Hare Krishna Temple, Leicester
  17. Video of Police Sergeant assaulting a woman in custody
  18. UK: Ratzinger plans secret meeting with abuse victims
  19. Potential strike action in the UK
  20. Dispatches - "How the MOD Wastes Our Billions"
  21. A terrorist because he made a joke on Twitter
  22. Lie detector tests for tax payers?
  23. Ken Livingstone to Run for Mayor of London Again
  24. Ed Miliband Elected as Leader of British Labour Party
  25. New opinion poll puts Labour ahead of Tories for first time in 2 years
  26. Shock EU decision on transition to Engliish as main language
  27. UK Spending Review - Osborne to Announce £83 billion Cuts This Week
  28. MI6 chief: British spies don't do torture
  29. British / N o I - Students Protests - Tory Headquarters, Occupied And Smashed Up By British Students
  30. Royal wedding announced on day Britian tacitly admits war crimes
  31. Tax protest forces Topshop in London to close
  32. Man Batoned and Dragged from Wheelchair by Police - Runs Rings Around BBC Interviewer
  33. UK Interest Rates to rise sixfold in two years
  34. Jayaben Desai, Grunwicks Strike Leader Dies, Aged 77
  35. Labour, Tory rebels to defy EU Bill
  36. British MP jailed for expenses fraud
  37. What needs to happen in Ireland
  38. Prince Andrew's Trade Mission to Saudi Arabia Threatened by Under Age Sex Scandal.
  39. Really Good Propaganda
  40. Rebels take over courtroom in Birkenhead and attempt to arrest the judge
  41. Food Parcels.ve
  42. Black Bloc on the Move in London
  43. The NHS Is Not For Sale
  44. Right Royal Satire... "Whats in a Coat of Arms?"
  45. The Tesco Riot - Independent Retailers of the World Unite
  46. The Royal Wedding and the Slide Towards a Police State
  47. Local authority forced to admit that it has no measures in place to deal with a zombie attack
  48. Anti-War Protestor Brian Haw RIP (7 January 1949 – 18 June 2011)
  49. Tony Blair and His Sheep Get Owned
  50. Top Tory Found Dead in VIP Toilet at Glastonbury
  51. Is Ed Milliband really an android?
  52. Confidential e-mails reveal that the UK government worked with the nuclear industry to downplay effects of Fukushima
  53. Condoleezza Rice unveils a Ronald Reagan statue in London
  54. Socialist Party England and Wales video: What next to defeat the cuts?
  55. Basil Fawlty's 'Irish builder'' is still measuring up and drinking endless cups of tea in London
  56. The Matrix Unravels - 5 British Armed Police Sacked over Raid Scandals
  57. Reports of rioting in Tottenham, North London following a shooting by police
  58. Three Asian Men Killed By Car in Birmingham Riots
  59. BBC apology to Darcus Howe following interview on London riots
  60. David Cameron and the Bullingdon night of the broken window
  61. Moral Neutrality
  62. Collective insanity and the perversion of English Law
  63. 3 Deaths in 8 Days. Arrest Methods Under the Spotlight in Britain
  64. Christotaliban suffer setback on abortion as Tories rally against rogue militant Nadine Dorries
  65. Secret files found in British Ambassador's Tripoli residence: letters from Gordon Brown to Gaddaffi
  66. UK police free 24 slaves in London
  67. Eggs, Omlettes and the British Left
  68. UK: NSPCC Helpline for paedophiles
  69. British MP's to Debate Vote on Whether or Not to Hold Referendum on Continued EU Membership
  70. Coalition will impose "Discipline and Fear" on Public Sector Workers - Letwin
  71. Cameron to force companies to publish amount of immigrants they employ
  72. Fox in Hole
  73. UK: Users must "opt in" for web porn
  74. Secret papers in public bins
  75. Scottish Independence - Majority Support it in the UK
  76. Second Occupy Camp in London established-Update 28 February: police and baliffs dismantlle the camp after court order
  77. This is England 2011
  78. Occupy take over UBS building in London
  79. UK public sector pension strike Wednesday 30/11/2011
  80. BBC host: 'Shoot strikers in front of their families'
  81. British Government Warns Embassies to Prepare for Euro Collapse and Civil Unrest
  82. Chief Inspector wants UK Armed Police to Shoot Rioters
  83. Taxis in Oxford to be Required to Install Eavesdropping Equipment
  84. The Christmas No 1 single
  85. 1981 Cabinet Papers reveal Thatcher negotiated over hunger strike and considered abandoning Liverpool after Toxteth
  86. Sticky: Please Post Links to Releases of UK classified documents here
  87. Richard Corrigan on Hunger in the UK
  88. Roll of Honour : Who Turned Down the Queen's Honours List" ?
  89. Customer Power: Tesco under pressure to stop using unpaid labour
  90. Lord Lucan's 'secret life in Africa'
  91. NHS privatisation: Compilation of financial and vested interests.
  92. Olympics London 2012 - Drug Festival? Sporting Event? Major Military Exercise ?
  93. Horsegate: David Cameron admits riding Rebekah Brooks's police horse
  94. Is the private apartment at 10 Downing St the most expensive restaurant in the UK?
  95. Cameron's Cornish pasty: we need to know
  96. Holy Kinky Afro - Cameron Appoints Shaun Ryder
  97. Boat Race Interrupted by Protest Swimmer / Blogger
  98. P&O and workers rights
  99. British Local Election Results Map - 2012 - A Drubbing for the Tories
  100. Establishing a United Ireland through infiltration
  101. Islamic Britain
  102. The ugly side of the queens jubilee...
  103. Should the Queen be punished for war crimes?
  104. Multiculti Leftwingers Admit They Were Wrong on Immigration
  105. The Barclay Brothers, Sark Island and Silent Dissent
  106. Libor, UK banks and the Tory connections
  107. James Larkin Society March in Liverpool Attacked by EDL-related Fascists
  108. Re-Unionists to have their fancy tickled again
  109. Hillsborough Disaster - Cameron Apologises, Fans Vindicated, Police Misconduct Exposed
  110. Is Cameron going to do a Thatcher...
  111. Britain imposed a safeguard clause for Bulgaria
  112. New British Aerospace (BAE) gloom
  113. The Fall of the BNP
  114. EDL Leader Arrested over Assault
  115. Patient deaths raise fears over clinic run by building firm
  116. Look What Cameron Done: Squatting Banned
  117. Time for a bit of sabre rattling over Gibralter
  118. UKIP now third most popular party - recent polls
  119. Eight Charged Following Investigation Into Corruption at HBoS
  120. SWP Crisis (UK)
  121. US Pressurises UK - Including Scotland - to Stay In EU - Implications ?
  122. Kincora on Thames ? Elite Abuse Ring Cover Up Investigated
  123. Shrewsbury 24
  124. Is David Cameron doing Ireland a Favour?
  125. MPs look for inquiry into illegal blacklists
  126. British Secret Police Stole Dead Childrens' Identities - Guardian
  127. "Royal Bodies" - Kate "Machine Made...Mannequin" - Hilary Mantel
  128. Accent and Class Status
  129. UK Proposes to Withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights
  130. UK Budget 2013 - leaked details?
  131. Tories publicly embarrass themselves - is it the beginning of the end?
  132. Justice and Security Bill - the UK Secret Courts Bill
  133. Durham Miners Demand Banner Back from Stadium of Light.
  134. A banking inquiry that names the reckless, the failures and the corrupt: Halifax Bank of Scotland
  135. Lee Halpin - Job Seeking Journalism Applicant Dies of Hypothermia Sleeping on Streets for Story
  136. Thatcher is dead.
  137. The Erosion of Human and Civil Rights in the United Kingdom
  138. Margaret Thatcher Foundation Archive
  139. Nigel Evans, the deputy speaker of the House of Commons, has been arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual assault
  140. Bedroom Tax - Woman Commits Suicide After Losing £80 a month
  141. Majority of British Children will Soon Be Growing Up in Households Below the Breadline - Report
  142. Soldier beheaded on London street in "terrorist incident"
  143. No. 10 rocked by secret love affair
  144. Is there British drones in Irish airspace?
  145. SWP rape scandal the latest
  146. Scotland Yard to Investigate Claims that SAS killed Diana - Charles Having Secret Meetings with Ministers and Planting Moles
  147. Droit du seigneur?
  148. Ralph Miliband: six key ideas from his books
  149. Inequality in the UK and in Ireland
  150. Russell Brand Calls For Social Revolution - Interview with Paxman
  151. British army criticised for recruiting 16-year-olds - video
  152. Far right changes up a gear
  153. Boris Johnson
  154. Hunger in the U. K. "is a public health emergency"
  155. London's biggest university bans student protests
  156. Starving Woman in Britain Jailed for Stealing Food, Made to Clean Up After Herself After Miscarrying in Cell
  157. Cameron's help-to-buy photoshoot farce
  158. British Nationalism
  159. Benefits Street
  160. British Army - Internal Issues thread
  161. RIP Bob Crow
  162. Tony Benn has died
  163. Gerry Conlon, of the Guildford Four, has Died - Birmingham and Guildford Bombings
  164. Patriotic Socialist Party - Sounds familiar
  165. British General Election - Polls , Chats and News
  166. British Army creates internet Brigade ...
  167. 10 Crimes of the British Empire...
  168. "A Polite Hatred" - anti-semitism in the UK
  169. Vote UKIP!
  170. UK Labour leadership contest - Corbyn supporter threatens 'purge' of Blairites if candidate wins
  171. Allegations that powerful Mafia-style criminal network infiltrated the Bank of England
  172. Claims that young Tory activist was bullied before suicide
  173. The Murder of Paul ‘Mr. Big' Massey & Class War
  174. Terror in London
  175. Brexit.
  176. Civil War among the Tories? - IDS resigns
  177. Sir Clement Freud, former UK Liberal MP & grandson of Sigmund Freud , outed as child abuser
  178. British Labour Party MP Jo Cox Murdered
  179. UK Tory leadership contest - First woman since Thatcher?
  180. Post Brexit Britain
  181. The Second Scottish Referendum - 2017
  182. Terror Attack in London 22/03/17
  183. UK General Election 8th June 2017
  184. Explosion at Concert in Manchester
  185. Grenfell Tower Fire - Many Dead in West London Housing Estate Fire
  186. Jersey Care Inquiry Report
  187. UK facing longest fall in living standards for over 60 years, finds think tank
  188. Freemasonry and the Police.
  189. Corbyn on the Salisbury Attack
  190. Royal Wedding pukefest
  191. The Jeremy Thorpe scandal
  192. Breaking: May to make 'surprise' statement after PMQs today
  193. Peterborough by-election Thurs 6th June 2019