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  1. What "ist" are you ?
  2. Red Army Faction
  3. The Anti-Germans
  4. The Tribe of Moles- Class struggle in Italy in the 1970s.
  5. The USSR.
  6. Cyber-Ninja stuns Latvia with tax heist
  7. Whats wrong with revolution?
  8. Far right militias rise by 250% in USA in one year
  9. Adams calls for 'solidarity tax' on assets worth over €1m
  10. The "Fascist" minimum.
  11. A talk on Maurice Cowling.
  12. Lonely death of Juanita Goggins, trailblazer of US civil rights
  13. Socialism, Liberalism and Conservatism.
  14. Cop spills beans on his deep infiltration of the left in London and exposes police tactics
  15. Sinn Fein Supports St Patrick's Day Events Excluding Gays and Lesbians
  16. Schaeffer Cox, anyone heard of him?
  17. Marxism and the holocaust.
  18. Canon Law - No code of ethics needed
  19. Herman Gorter's Open letter to comrade Lenin II. The Question of Trade Unions.
  20. Vatican Announces Investigation Commission
  21. Have Humans evolved at all?
  22. Depression in Young Men
  23. Eire Nua
  24. Cult Killer
  25. The LaRouche Movement
  26. The bloody history of "labour" (as defined as economic activity under capitalism).
  27. Latin America Week. 19th-26th April.
  28. Great introduction to the Independent working class movement and its struggles in Western Europe
  29. Civil Servants Should Be Forced to Declare
  30. Bailing out the banks makes Ireland less credible - McWilliams
  31. On the question of violence.
  32. Traitors
  33. An idea for passive protest.
  34. A Reflection on Holy Week
  35. Papal Garb - A Pictorial Tribute to Pope Benedict XV1
  36. Rejoice - Christ has Risen
  37. Declaration of the Republic - what it should have said
  38. Day of Action for a General Election - April 24th 2010
  39. Jumping Ship on Rome - Stories
  40. Restoration of The Death Penalty - For Or Against ?
  41. To hell with the class system
  42. Dublin Council of Trade Unions April 6, 2010 National Forum ‘There Is An Alternative’
  43. The Raelian Movement - Someone Please Tell Me This Is a Joke...
  44. Who Are the Irish Second-Level Students Union ?
  45. Kevin Barry - Did he die for this Republic?
  46. Libertas a faint heart beat detected
  47. Speedposting thread - Political Dynasties - Should They Be Banned ?
  48. Speedposting Thread - Political Demonstrations - Are They A Waste of Time
  49. Speedposting Thread - Revolution how is it best achieved?
  50. Property Is Theft !
  51. The Church of the Militant Elvis Party - Bono for Pope
  52. I want an Irish General Election Yesterday !!
  53. Anarchism & Violence: are they synonymous?
  54. Kanellos the Greek protest dog
  55. I Survived Y2K ....
  56. Reject Intimidation Aimed at Preventing Public Protest Against The Government
  57. Feminists wanted to change the world - Guardian
  58. Political censorship at end-of-year art school show
  59. Dublin's 5th annual Anarchist Bookfair
  60. English Defence League: the new far right planning a violent summer
  61. The Week In Politics - RTE 1 30th May - Banks - Dying Children and By-Elections
  62. What's The Potential of Non-Violent Direct Action ?
  63. Society for Cutting Up Men
  64. Documentaries Worth Watching
  65. Dublin Zombie Walk Today
  66. Anyone got any Dustin the Turkey Election posters?
  67. All hyped up and no-one to vote for.
  68. Anarcho - Capitalism
  69. Prisoner of Shell Pat O'Donnell to be Released This Weekend
  70. Terms & conditions, Job description
  71. Film Festival to challenge the Vatican’s claims to the moral high ground
  72. Event: Wed. Aug. 8th - Political Revolution in Ireland 1917-1923 - Conor Kostick
  73. Women in the home? a better option
  74. Secession :)
  75. Constantin Gurdgiev - freemarketeer and media goldenboy. Do his economic theories add up?
  76. The Great Charts Thread
  77. Ireland The Future - New Non Party Group
  78. Inclusivity
  79. Emblems.
  80. Unban Kev Bar
  81. Gladwell - "Why Twitter and Facebook Won't Change the World"
  82. Irish Debates: Is Ireland Still A Sovereign State ?
  83. Freedom Ireland - Voluntaryist Movement
  84. Kilkenomics - Economics Festival - Putting the Craic into the Crisis
  85. Ireland; State Suspicion Cured By Local Power?
  86. Soden: Let's quit EU and join US
  87. Positive Ireland
  88. Mark Thomas' People's Manifesto
  89. Eric Cantona's revolution!
  90. Celebrating national culture and identity: how the Catalans do it
  91. Trotskyism in Ireland 1935 onwards
  92. The Spanish Civil War and the Death of Andreas Nin of POUM
  93. Is the cure for Ireland's ills a 32 County Socialist Republic?
  94. Re: Trotskyism in Ireland 1935 - 1985
  95. Formation of Citizens Defence Committee
  96. 15 Year Old Sticks it to Government - We are the Generation at the Heart of the Fightback
  97. Beards in Irish Politics - Meaning and Message
  98. Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (Documentary)
  99. IBT leaflet - Make the bosses take the losses! For a General Strike in Ireland!
  100. The Road to Wigan Pier: 75 years on
  101. The Power of Mass Peaceful Protest - Can it Work in Ireland ?
  102. Rumsfeld vs Rice - How to Write a Passive Aggressive Email
  103. Is the spirit of Kroptkin waiting to be revived?
  104. "Education is a Duty"
  105. "The Rich Always Betray the Poor" - The Counter Revolution in Ireland
  106. Dissident Impose Censorship to defend Killing
  107. The Future will be Back
  108. Open-source democracy in Ireland
  109. Updating mo Ghoogle Reader. Domestic Blogs?
  110. May 7th: Beyond the Crisis, Social Movements, Seomra Spraoi and John Holloway
  111. Marx Reloaded Roadshow Dublin 4/5/11 Weds 2pm Turks Head
  112. League of Communist republicans 1986 - 1991
  113. Why is the Left So Quiet About the Magdalene Women and Industrial Schools ?
  114. Slutwalk
  115. Celtic v Rangers
  116. Theo Dorgan Podcast And The Irish Failed State
  117. Do class differences exist in Ireland- what is the Irish working class?
  118. 'Das Kapital' reading group in Cork
  119. Quotes politicians would rather we forgot
  120. Iceland Crowd Sources Its New Constitution
  121. Is there Such a Thing as Stalinism ?
  122. Does Ireland Need a Communist Party ?
  123. Irish Neutrality - Can it and Should it be Maintained in the Future ?
  124. Labour party on way out just like FF/GP in the next election????
  125. What caused the collapse of the Soviet Union?
  126. Is populism a substitute for class-politics in undeveloped countries?
  127. Cloyne Report - Any Response from the Irish Left ?
  128. Summer Schools : MacGill Summer School - Enda Kenny Speech
  129. Is anyone in Norway a worker?
  130. "Capitalism - A Love Story" RTE 2 now
  131. Marxist Perspectives on Irish Society - New Publication
  132. 40 Helpful Tips For Becoming a Successful Anti-Communist
  133. Politicians Wage War Against the Internet - the New Censorship
  134. Gay Marriage - Should We Allow It ?
  135. Off Topic Posts
  136. Was National Socialism Left or Right Wing ?
  137. Some clarification on the Comintern's "Workers' Government" slogan
  138. World Ideologies With Reference To Cow Ownership
  139. The Gay Rights Movement - News and Views
  140. Marxism and Communism
  141. The Politicalworld.org Political Party
  142. One Mans Freedom Fighter is Another Mans Terrorist.....
  143. The Story of Your Enslavement
  144. A Crisis of Politics- Le monde diplomatique
  145. A Case for Open Borders
  146. Koch Advised Hayek on How Best To Collect Social Benefits...
  147. Fascists in Ireland
  148. The Black Economy - Cause or Cure for Poverty ?
  149. Is Capitalism Finished?
  150. Marxist theories of the State and Law
  151. Statement of the ICMLPO
  152. Occupy movement, the reaction gets organised.
  153. The History of Irish Anarchism
  154. Occupy University Dublin - Timetable and Feedback
  155. Could Irish nationalism become a progressive force?
  156. Sinn Fein are not a Nationalist Party
  157. Muslim Population in Ireland Growing Exponentially
  158. Growing Opposition to Immigration in Norway
  159. An experiment in anarchopacifism - playing the capitalists at their own game
  160. How is RealDemocracyNow/Occupy____ Affecting You?
  161. 'National' Socialism vs International Capitalism?
  162. Secret Weapon of the Left
  163. Is Democracy Dead/Dying?
  164. Richard Douthwaite , Author of "the Growth Illusion", is Dead
  165. Irish Republicanism and Religion: Connolly's "Labour, Nationality and Religion" -
  166. Socialism, nationalisation and state ownership
  167. The Jean Jaures archive
  168. Party for Rights for Minorities and Allies
  169. Occupy UK and Ireland
  170. Robert Service, Leon Trotsky and the degradation of history
  171. Australian republicanism
  172. Stupendous defence and then critique of liberalism
  173. Resurrect Éire Nua proposals?
  174. Would Ireland benefit from a closer movement with the Nordic countries
  175. Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy
  176. Tricks of Argument
  177. Carlos 'the Jackal' sentenced to life, again
  178. Republicanism - A positive note
  179. Income Inequality - where does it come from and where is it going ?
  180. Political World Review of 2011 in Words and Pictures - please add your contribution
  181. When is violence acceptable?
  182. An Activist's Guide
  183. Occupy Dame Street - Occupy University - Schedule of Talks
  184. And The Time Magazine Person Of The Year Is....
  185. Is Patriotism detracting people from humanity?
  186. Ayn Rand and Objectivism
  187. Alternatives to our current system of democracy
  188. Marx and Engels on Ireland
  189. Random Acts of Kindness
  190. The Class System - Does it work against us?
  191. Constitutional convention
  192. Che Guevara monument for Galway?
  193. American Manifesto
  194. Manifesto for a new Ireland
  195. Passive or active resistance- what way forward for opponents of the government?
  196. Gross National Happiness - A way forward for Ireland?
  197. How can we stop politicians lying to get into power?
  198. Alternative Currencies and Alternatives to Money
  199. Dr. John Robb - New Ireland
  200. 21st Century Republicanism
  201. Gay Marriage
  202. Anti-Fascist Action needs your help
  203. Reviving Irish - a different approach
  204. The Writings of James Connolly
  205. Irish Socialist Republican Party (Connolly)
  206. Mario Vargas Llosa on RTE (PK) - On Roger Casement
  207. Marxism 2012
  208. The Lovely Charts and Graphs Thread
  209. Gay Pride
  210. Does Communism Leave Out the Human Factor ?
  211. Karl Marx on Money and the Declining Rate of Profit - by Peter Jeffries
  212. Revolution in a Modern Context
  213. Does the strife and tension in the world at the moment a sign Capitalism is not working?
  214. What Are your political leanings?
  215. Blasphemy: Is There a "Right to Insult" ?
  216. Why is Racism A Crime.
  217. Political Compass - Where are you?
  218. Were the Russian "Left Opposition" Terrorists and Counterrevolutionaries?
  219. The Gay Communities Failure to Politically Engage
  220. Volunteering
  221. Leftwing Cafe Culture
  222. Is Republicanism/Nationalism too Insular?
  223. Radical Politics - What are you all so scared of?
  224. Is there such a thing as the middle class?
  225. Capitalism and Status
  226. Psychology of Identity and Nationalism
  227. Budget Provisional Reaction from PROLETARIAT IRELAND
  228. Fianna Fáil so toxic their members have resorted to setting up parties with Ronan Mullen.
  229. Political World Big Events of 2012
  230. Support Groups and Agencies for Depression and Stress
  231. The Silent Revolution
  232. Political World History Forum Reading Club - Rights of Man - Tom Paine
  233. Functionalism - Can It Oppose Capitalism?
  234. A proposal to link political pensions to economic performance
  235. Effective Protest
  236. Independent Socialist Party
  237. A Lesson from Golden Dawn
  238. Ongoing discussion between socialist republicans
  239. What is a republican?
  240. Financial Times - "Collapse in Trust in Elite in Favour of Social Media Friends" Who Do You Trust ? Poll
  241. How to end cctv Berlin activists launch new initiative with Video
  242. Politics Explained
  243. Innoculating Outselves Against Another Meltdown - Educating the Masses
  244. Who or what is 'Anonymous'?
  245. Simone de Beauvoir - "The Second Sex" (Prohibited by the Vatican)
  246. Greek Factory Taken Over and Run By Workers - Model for the Future ?
  247. Studying Politics in University - Where, Why, How ?
  248. Book about life in USSR/Cuba, or socialist countries in general
  249. Socialist republican forum launched
  250. The Ancient Order of Hibernians - wtf ?