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  1. February Car Sales
  2. Aer Lingus report loss of 81 Million Euro
  3. FF - There never was a boom!
  4. Lets be Inspired by Iceland - Iceland Panel wants Charges over 2008 Bank Collapse
  5. Industrial Turnover down 8.8% yoy in January
  6. Irish Economy 2009 Official a Depression. GNP shrinks 16% Nominally
  7. Ireland Drops to near 40th In Global Rich League
  8. For God's sake, when will the IMF come in and save us from our government?
  9. Exports Continue to Decline
  10. Oversea Visits to Ireland Down 13% in Q4
  11. "Our Economy Has Fallen Off A Cliff" - Independent
  12. Vacancies Increase, Some World Recovery, Can Ireland Benefit ?
  13. 29 Insolvency notices so far this week - Blank Cheques for the Banks
  14. Live Register March 2010
  15. Lenihan Says Ireland Will Not Default - Do You Believe Him ?
  16. Attempt to Privatise Coillte - (Bertie Interested in Buying ?)
  17. Der Spiegel: Merkel to force Ireland to cede further sovereignty in return for debt rescheduling
  18. Goodbody latest to say recession over
  19. Is it not a good thing for EU to look at our budget
  20. Morgan Kelly - Its Not Whether Ireland Will Default - Its When - IT 22 May 2010
  21. The New York Times on Irish Prospects
  22. IMF Working Paper; The Case of Ireland
  23. David McWilliams: Forget Anglo - invest in children's futures instead
  24. 'A Big, Superannuated Version of Surrey'
  25. Irish Exports down 5% YTD in March
  26. VHI to be Sold off next year
  27. Proud to be Irish, or am I?
  28. Debt Forgiveness is Not a Moral Hazard
  29. 'Irish PM Should Own Up to His Mistakes' Wall St Journal
  30. Tax Breaks Broke the Country
  31. Department of Finance - Should we Investigate ?
  32. Government Opens New Atlantic Oil and Gas Licensing Around
  33. Debt Crisis to Worsen as Markets Target Ireland
  34. Economy on course for big rebound next year
  35. IMF Urges Ireland to Stay on Target
  36. The Frontline - How Did Our Economic Advisors Get it So Wrong ?
  37. OK IBEC now its your turn... (Cut food prices and raise taxes)
  38. "Virtuous, Suffering Ireland is Gaining Nothing" - Krugman - "The High Cost of Austerity" - NYT
  39. June Exchequer figures to be released today!!
  40. Colm McCarthy to head review board on semi-states
  41. There is No Recovery - We Are in Deep Deep Trouble - Ray Kinsella
  42. Government Shelves Property Tax Proposal for Next Budget
  43. ECB Buys €8bn of Irish Sovereign Bonds
  44. Wages in Ireland must fall further - IMF
  45. IMF Says Ireland "May Need another 3.5 Bn" to meet Budget Targets - Property Tax Back on Agenda
  46. Moody's Downgrade Ireland from Aa1 to Aa2 Due to Bank Bailouts - Euro - Global Stocks Hit
  47. Irish Bond Sales from July 2010
  48. Economic Crisis was Avoidable - McCarthy
  49. E.S.R.I. Report - Recovery Scenarios for Ireland - More Cuts, More Emigration - Some "Recovery"!
  50. Irish Bonds and the ECB - Bond Sales Watch - the Risk of Sovereign Default
  51. Sunday Indpendent arguing for promotion of property sector again?
  52. July 2010 - Exchequer Returns
  53. Winners and Losers in the Irish Property Bubble
  54. Government Jet Used Like Taxi for Local Trips - Time to Take their Toys Away ?
  55. Irish Economy Turns Another Corner - The Endgame is Now!
  56. Another Irish Debate - Ronan Lyons - Irish Competitivenss
  57. Michael Taft on the Sufferings of the Irish Rich
  58. "Money to Burn" TV3
  59. CSO Stats - External Trade Down - Computer Exports Down 41%
  60. 3,800 on over €100,000 paid no tax on their earnings in 2007
  61. The "Double Irish" Scam - Why Our Exports Aren't What they Seem
  62. Irish economy now at its most vulnerable: Ray Kinsella
  63. The end run begins: default swaps surge to record high
  64. New EU legislation on Corporation tax coming next year?
  65. Lenihan to raid NPRF to capitalise AIB..again
  66. WSJ - "Ireland Has Too Many Balls in the Air"
  67. Flight of Capital From Ireland - Run on the Banks - Are the Rich Shipping Out?
  68. The bust is getting bustier - ECB tell Lenihan to chop more
  69. National Debt Increases by 50% in One Year - C & AG
  70. Was Michael Somers of the NTMA worth a €1 million pay cheque for 2008?
  71. Youngdan's Plan for Ireland: Moved from Irish Bonds Thread
  72. "Ireland 2000-2010 will become a textbook case of how not to do it."
  73. Dirt Tax - Even The Poor Are Liable
  74. Honohan reckons €3BN in December is not enough
  75. Should Ireland Default On Debt
  76. Cuts vs Stimulus - Ireland Now The Example of How Not to Manage a Crisis
  77. S and P Downgrade Warning Deepens Ireland's Sovereign Crisis
  78. ESRI on Irish workplace in the recession
  79. Government Press Conference on the Banks and Deficit 9.45 RTE TV
  80. No Longer a Low Tax Economy - "Ireland Will Be A Normal Tax Country in the European Context" Rehn
  81. What Will Be The Impact of the R o I Crisis in the North of Ireland ?
  82. The American Chamber of Commerce in Ireland is worried about our tax sovereignty
  83. Manufacturing, House Prices, Tax Revenue Falling - Gov.Strategy Failing - its Time to Take a Stand
  84. Elite is Preparing to Sell Country Down the River
  85. IMF - Ireland has no choice than 'to do fairly dramatic things"
  86. In Plain 'apples and oranges', these Figures are just Bananas
  87. IBEC Submission to Budget
  88. War Is A Racket!
  89. Ireland is wildly overspending on Health
  90. Ireland on Verge of EFSF/ IMF Bailout (Loan) Say Insiders
  91. More FF lies and mis-management
  92. Does Cowen have the bottle to default on the debt?
  93. Shock and Awe - The Irish Debt Crisis - Passing a Budget of Cuts and Tax Increases
  94. Potential legal loophole may eliminate need for Ireland to ask for EU loan/bailout
  95. The Front Line - Do We Need A Bail Out ?
  96. Irish Govt: Don't Blame Us, Blame Markets
  97. Irish People should not be Ashamed
  98. Where it All Went Wrong - Aherne, Cowen and Harney vs the ESRI - 2000
  99. Airy South Facing Island for Sale - The Asset Strippers Move in to Ireland
  100. The whole economic fiasco summed up with genius!
  101. Charlie McCreevy, C.G.T. Stamp Duty & The 6 Banks 1999-2009 (AIB, Anglo, BOI, EBS, IL&P, INBS)
  102. Irish Economic Crisis Explained by Robots
  103. Another way to manage the economy....
  104. Nearly 40% of Irish Businesses at Risk of Failing in 2011 - Who Has a Plan for Ireland's Economy ?
  105. Nearly 40% of Irish Businesses at Risk of Failing in 2011 - Who Has a Plan for Ireland's Economy ?
  106. The Village Gets the Hatchet Out for the ESRI
  107. Irish CDS gone crazy
  108. Cowen and Lenihan economic managment lashed by the ECB
  109. Post by apjp: Preliminary Plan - Economic and Social Proposals
  110. Elaine's invisible friend: Meet Mark everybody..!
  111. Return to economic growth
  112. Guardian editorial excellent stuff
  113. Life After Default thread - proposals
  114. TASC : Call for a Debt Audit in Ireland and Greece
  115. Green Shoots??
  116. Ex-Department of Finance Official Claims His Warnings on Budget and Banks Crash Were Ignored - Sunday Mail
  117. 'Default is far from a doomsday scenario': A reasoned analysis of the options for Ireland
  118. Message to Leinster House tomorrow
  119. Varadkar: We may need second bailout-Update-Former ECB exec Bini Smaghi agrees
  120. Ernst and Young: Irish Economy to Contract by 2.3% This Year
  121. Morgan Kelly at the Kilkenny Arts Festival - A Corrupt, Divided and Bankrupt Future for Ireland
  122. How the Boom Got Boomier
  123. McWilliams on the dealers, he should know.....
  124. National Strategies for dealing with Ireland's debt crisis Exploring the options
  125. New study 'An Audit of Irish Debt' published today
  126. Irish government requests EU treaty amendment to protect corporation tax rate
  127. Punt Nua IR£10,000
  128. Bernard Connolly - Why Ireland Needs Monetary Independence
  129. Poll: Will Ireland Leave the Eurozone
  130. Noonan throws in the towel on Anglo promissory notes-Rabbitte says PN deal in the next few weeks
  131. Chuck Feeney to fund new Irish economic think tank
  132. Conor McCabe - Economics Course, Youtubes, Video, Writings
  133. Did Moodys leak economic reports on Ireland to a private intelligence company before publication?
  134. EC economic analysis documents on Ireland leaked by the Bundestag once again
  135. Joan Burton calls on EU to restructure the Anglo promissory notes
  136. Ollie Rehn tells Ireland: "respect your commitments' and cough up the €3.1 billion
  137. Noonan announces that the Anglo promissory notes will be restructured
  138. You have to read this
  139. About Time!: David Hall (New Beginnings) Has Applied for Judicial Review of Promissory Notes Act
  140. The Irish Lottery Up for 20 Year Lease - Another Form of Borrowing....
  141. Maastricht Returns - Ireland's deficit of 13.1% of GDP is highest in EU
  142. 2011 Maastricht Returns - Who Bought 17% of Nama to help Noonan Cook the Figures?
  143. Sweet Factory Leaves Donegal for England :(
  144. Aine Collins FG - "Government Policy - Hope That When in 3-4 Years our Debt is Unsustainable, We Will Get Write Down
  145. Ireland's Oldest Stockbrokers, Bloxham, Suspended from The Irish Stock Exchange
  146. SBP - Quinn Gambled and Lost Millions More on Post Anglo CFD's
  147. ECB moving to force losses on senior bondholders in Spanish banks?
  148. Ireland becomes more competitive
  149. Stephen Donnelly TD : We're mad as hell and need to show it
  150. Central Bank assessment of fiscal compact
  151. Who are the Best / Most Interesting "Alternative" Economists in Ireland ?
  152. NTMA alleges Fraud Against State Street at PAC Meeting
  153. Deal or No Deal ? Will Savings Be Made from Irish Bailout and Prom Notes Negotiations ?- INCLUDES - PROM NIGHT !
  154. Michael Noonan admits that the promissory notes arrangement was 'totally illegal'
  155. What is the alternative to austerity?
  156. "Ireland Locked in Permaslump" Kiberd - "One - Two Lost Decades" - Stiglitz
  157. Why is the Troika back in Dublin?
  158. Irish People Lost the Most Per Capita in EU in Four Years to end of 2013 - Germany and Holland Gained - ECB report