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  1. 32,000 mortgages in arrears of 3 months or more
  2. PTSB to Hit Tracker Mortgage Borrowers
  3. Mortgage Lenders to Impose Spate of Rate Hikes
  4. "These People Are Owned Body and Soul By the Banks" - Bloomberg on Ireland
  5. Is The State is Liquidating the Population ?
  6. 40% fall in New Mortgages Since This Time Last Year
  7. I know something about Permanent TSB that you don't
  8. Personal Debt - The Sheriff in Action
  9. Gas Disconnections "A Big Social Recession is Coming" - Bord Gais CEO
  10. GE Repossessions - How Many Will Be Made Homeless ?
  11. Docklands Despair - Ireland's New Poor
  12. Surge in Families Turning to Money Lenders
  13. The Passion of St. Regis of Washington
  14. AIB insider reveals extent of staff mortgage meltdown
  15. New 'agency' called New Beginnings!!
  16. Agricultural land prices in Ireland
  17. Interest Rates and Mortgage Rate Increases in Ireland from 2011 - Permanent TSB and Others
  18. Pity the coppers? 'Gardaí have no money after bills are paid'
  19. Stand off in Carrickmacross over shop repossession
  20. Receivers in Ireland - Unregulated and Unqualified
  21. "The Middle Classes Are At the Limit" 30% of Mortgage Payers Fear Losing their Homes
  22. Irish the Most Indebted Per Capita in the World
  23. Custom House Capital... frozen
  24. Home Payments Ltd. Payments Agency Closed - Great Stress for Clients
  25. Debtors / Debt Support Groups - Tipperary and Elsewhere
  26. Bank of Ireland - Losses and Mortgage Increases - August 2011
  27. The Debt Forgiveness Political Divide
  28. Loan Companies: 56% interest? Is this Legal?
  29. More Help Coming for The Bankruptocracy
  30. The Keane Report on Mortgage Arrears "A Dreadful Report"
  31. Ghost estates in city refused cash for vital safety works -Belmayne, Priory Hall and Marsfield
  32. Interim Report of the Commission on Credit Unions
  33. #Occupy Vacant Houses - Oakland
  34. Joan Burton's hot potato an internecine battle between state agencies
  35. High Flying solicitor & wife have 71.5 million awarded against them by BOI
  36. Personal Insolvency Act - Debt Forgiveness, or a Political Fudge? "Talk to Your Banks" Says Gilmore
  37. Anti-Eviction Actions: - Laois eviction halted by Freedom from Debt group-Update: Anti-Eviction Taskforce-Kanturk
  38. Honohan Lashes Finance over Mortgage Non-Action - Says they Sleepwalking
  39. AIB to introduce quarterly charges and a 20 cent fee for every electronic transaction
  40. Elderly couple evicted from Killiney mansion
  41. Bank of Ireland Mortgage Forgiveness - It's a Miracle
  42. LIfe and Debt: RTE Monday 9.30 pm
  43. Eirigi and Community prevent eviction in Bluebell yesterday
  44. Illegal Moneylenders
  45. RBS group including Ulster Bank hit with major 'technical' issues
  46. James Reilly featured in Stubbs as a defaulter. Part of a group of 5
  47. David Hall of New Beginnings Resigns Due to "Pressures from Outside Interests"
  48. No more Mr Nice Guy: the Law Library is mad as hell
  49. Investigation into AIB misreporting of customer arrears extended
  50. Irish Bailout Masters Press For Rental Home Seizures: Mortgages
  51. Bank Fraud
  52. The 2009 legal loophole dissuading banks from repossessions
  53. Personal saving rate has halved in the last three years
  54. Central Bank and DOF lash banks over refusal to deal with mortgage arrears
  55. The shameful death of a family home
  56. Credit union, hard sell.
  57. Financial adviser Breifne O’Brien claims he won't get a fair trial because of adverse publicity
  58. Solving the Mortgage Crisis
  59. Solicitors and accountants need bigger houses than PAYE workers
  60. 9k a month: reasonable living expenses for a Dublin family?
  61. Good News - Thousands of People to Be Bankrupt
  62. Bank of Ireland has Sold €250 million performing mortgages to an unregulated entity...wtf ?
  63. The Credit Union Debt Crisis
  64. Trouble in these Fields - Farm Debt