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  1. Frontline - Young, Qualified and Leaving...
  2. Garda association loses challenge to pension levy
  3. 150 new jobs for financial services firm
  4. More pay cuts! Told ya.
  5. More job layoffs expected, in Offaly
  6. Cuts in Lone Parents Allowance - Unemployment Payment Friday Night Special - Social Welfare Bill
  7. Irish Unemployment Crisis - May Live Register hits record amount.
  8. Constantin Gurdgiev - How Ireland Can Have "a Productive and Knowledge Based Economy"
  9. HSE asks Gardai to investigate Millions Paid to Siptu for Staff Training / & HSE Nepotism charges
  10. Waterford Glass - A tradition restored
  11. Former Dell Workers Betrayed By Government and FAS
  12. Nightmare for Jobs as Eircom to Shed 2,000
  13. The Future of the Smart Economy - Third and Fourth Level Cuts
  14. CSO Release Wage Bill Changes - Earnings Fall in 65% of firms
  15. Harney 'Disturbed' by High Salaries at Disability Groups: Focus on Rehab
  16. Cowens €500 million "smart economy" fund.
  17. ESRI Quarterly Report Says 120,000 will have Emigrated by Next May - Some "Growth" but No New Jobs
  18. Retail Sector Employment - Tesco Ireland to create 748 jobs
  19. FF- Locks the Door -"Returned Emigrants Refused Benefits in Ireland" - Michael Ring
  20. Back To Education Allowances - Student Grants Removed for New Entrants
  21. Irregular Accounting Practices to Cost Fás €90m in EU Funding
  22. Live Register surges by 14,000 in July
  23. A Plethora Of Energy Engineering Courses But...
  24. Has the car scrappage scheme been a success?
  25. Should we pay airlines to flood the country with tourists?
  26. Pensions....Pensions....Pensions
  27. Things That Go Bust In the Night - Aer Arann - McInerney - Chartbusters
  28. "Work For Your Dole" Scheme Announced by O'Cuiv
  29. Insolvency Statistics 2010 - 1000 + firms have closed
  30. EU Audit of FÁS - €100s of millions under Question.
  31. FF Drink-in
  32. Intel Leixlip Plant Future in the Balance
  33. Irish Unemployment and Emigration Crisis
  34. The Emigrants Expo.
  35. The plight of the unemployed.
  36. More than 25% of Young People in Ireland are Unemployed. Does Labour Have Answers ?
  37. Another Reason Ireland is Screwed
  38. Manufacturing Industry in Ireland - It Does Exist You Know
  39. The New Ireland And Your Neighbours
  40. Silence of the Lambs
  41. FDI what future for Ireland?
  42. Bord Gais John Mullins told RTE he would be happy to work for €684 a day
  43. Surge in Long Term Unemployment CSO Quarter 3 2010
  44. Should a percentage of TD's wages be paid in solidarity bonds.
  45. Yates Bookmaking Firm in Receivership
  46. 25 companies closed every week in 2010 and an estimated 1,075 jobs were lost every week
  47. Superquinn Closes in Naas, Tesco Opens
  48. Cutting the Minimum Wage - Your Knife or Mine ?
  49. Why are public service temp summer jobs being advertised if 30,000 redundancies are planned?
  50. Cork signs ‘deal’ with pro-business Chinese city ... Ned O'Keeffe might be "apprehensive"
  51. Irish unemployment up 31,600 in 2010; jobless rate jumped to 14.7% (CSO Quarterly Survey)
  52. EU Mission Chief Proposes Phasing Out Payments to Long Term Unemployed
  53. Some FAS Initiatives have Negative Impact on Employment Prospects
  54. More from the race to the bottom.
  55. Rates Increases - Are Local Councils Cannibalising Local Business ?
  56. Restaurant Workers Flash Mob Restaurant Awards Ceremony - Video
  57. Irish Standardised Unemployment Rate Rises to 14.8% in May
  58. Because they're worth it - "Central Bank staff in line for extra five days' holidays"
  59. Howlin Shaves a Sliver off Future Higher Rates of Civil Service Pay
  60. Emigration Continues to Rise
  61. "Jobsbridge" - National graduate internship programme- a scam to enrich employers at the State's expense.
  62. Living on the Poverty Line in Ireland
  63. New job for Kathleen Barrington
  64. Fine Gael Labour Plan Wholesale Health, Education and Social Welfare Cuts
  65. Bruton announces reforms to JLC/REA systems
  66. Minister Burton publishes plan for the development of a new National Employment and Entitlements Service
  67. MBNA - 750 Jobs Worry For Carrick on Shannon
  68. UCD Survey - "The Degrading Experience of Signing On in Ireland"
  69. FG's Bruton seeks derogation from EU directive in order to cut agency workers wages
  70. 575 Jobs Going From Waterford Talk Talk Call Centre
  71. 500 (update 1,000) jobs threat at Aviva- 950 job losses confirmed
  72. The Frontline covering Social Welfare
  73. Public Service Pension Reform - Fair or Unfair ?
  74. Medical device firm jobs threatened
  75. 142 jobs lost in Clonmel
  76. Pension Shock - George Lee on RTE tonight
  77. Idea to help struggling families
  78. Jill Kirby's 'Fat Asses'
  79. 'Working but can't afford to rent'- 20% in homeless shelters have jobs but can't afford rent
  80. Early Retirement - War of Attrition Against Public Services
  81. EU Court Rolls Back the Clock on Short Term Employment Contracts
  82. €1.2 billion Wasted on Useless Training Forced on Unemployed People / 24% now unemployed or part time.
  83. Enda, Eamonn and Richard go to New York- and now Enda heads for Boston
  84. Oppressive State Licensing Kills Prosperity and is Totally Unjust
  85. 444 millionaires discovered on the dole
  86. SGMC International and the workingabroad.net expo
  87. Survey claims 72% of emigrants are leaving jobs in Ireland
  88. Irelandinc.com
  89. ESRI withdraw their propaganda.
  90. FAS/SOLAS/Syria Secret Training
  91. Attacks on the Irish Workforce
  92. Twist Soup Kitchen to open new centre in Athlone
  93. Turn Letterkenny into "An Irish Amsterdam"
  94. Poverty in ireland - 22% in jobless households
  95. Troika Slams Irish Gov Public Sector Job Cut Plans - Leak via Journal
  96. Four Day Working Week
  97. "Frontline Alliance" - Gardai and Nurses Against Wage Cuts
  98. "Disruptive Reforms" - Government Action Plan for Jobs 2013
  99. 25 billion "distressed" SME property - linked loans ... Employment and Banking Implications ?
  100. Prosecute Creditors for victims of suicide...
  101. Creating a viable Irish porn industry...
  102. Scroungers, layabouts and other myths of unemployment.
  103. Primetime: Poverty Trap - The Difficulties of Taking Up a Job
  104. Italian Cattle Export Firm TLT Goes Bust Owing to Farmers and Marts
  105. Lufthansa Technik, Rathcoole, Closure Announced With Loss of 400 + jobs.
  106. Unemployment drops below 13%: a blip or a trend?
  107. 2014 jobs announcements: is this the beginning of the end of the great recession?
  108. Jobs in Waterford - Bausch and Lomb Under Threat
  109. Clery's Closure - 450 unionised jobs gone...
  110. Trafficked labour in Irish Fishing Industry
  111. Ged Nash and zero hour contracts
  112. Turas Nua
  113. Jopbath