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  1. The Irish Banks, the Criminal Law and the Bail Out
  2. Just 6 Million Euro raised AIB shares by 40%
  3. Krugman on What Ails Us
  4. Allied Irish Nationalisation Imminent -Gurdgiev "Lenihan will Make Us Pay 20 b. for a 1.4 b. bank"
  5. An Historic Week For Ireland - Banks Nationalisation and NAMA
  6. What were AIB waiting for?
  7. How to regulate the Banks?
  8. Today's Dail: Cowen
  9. 'abysmal, truly shocking' black hole gets darker...Irish Nationwide
  10. Financial Regulator at Public Accounts Committee 13 May 2010 - Live Streaming
  11. Lenihan will use NPRF to shore up AIB losses
  12. Alleged Fraud & Theft by Permanent TSB from 1958 to 1993
  13. AIB announce €500 million fund for lending to SME's
  14. Mansergh's Hurling at the IMF October 2009
  15. Net worth of €1.25m or more? Bank of Ireland have a nice deal for you
  16. Has Pat Neary been telling tales out of school?
  17. We just bought another Bank [Building Society - EBS]
  18. Credit Unions next in line for a bail out?
  19. The Irish People Stood Up And Backed The Banks Of Ireland
  20. Banking Collapse Reports Out - Regling & Watson and Honohan - Link Here at 4.30 p.m.
  21. Honohan : Banks will be Ok by Years End
  22. Mortgage Debt Write Off - Yes or No ?
  23. EBS Wont Fund Mortagages For Apartments
  24. Financial Services Consultative Consumer Panel
  25. State to bail out credit unions amid default fears
  26. FF TD - we needed to bail the banks out as they are the only ones buying Government debt
  27. State of our banks. AIB sells branch for 28M and signs lease to rent it back for 36M over 20 years
  28. AIB and BOI included in 91 banks to be stress tested by the EU
  29. Banks Can't be Forced' to Take Part in €12bn Loan Plan
  30. IBOA to sue AIB for staff pay rises and bonuses + Staff Owe 3 billion
  31. EU Officially Approves 3.5 billion Bank of Ireland Recapitalisation
  32. Is it time to merge all the banks?
  33. NTMA Head Somers Pay Award Process "Extraordinary" - O'Reilly
  34. Irish Nationwide to Cost Irish Taxpayer more than Entire UK Banking Bailout
  35. BOI sees losses of over €1.2 billion / Bank Guarantee Extended to Cover BoI UK
  36. Bank of Scotland Ireland Closing - Jobs Meeting on Now
  37. Bank Guarantee extended to the End of the Year
  38. Munchau of the FT - Irish Banking Sector is Insolvent - but Gormley knows better
  39. Irish Debates - Peter Mathews - Irish Banks - Live Streaming and Questions Thurs. Sept 16 3 p.m.
  40. MCreevy Plans Corporate Raid on AIB UK - The Carve Up Continues - EU Commission tells him to resign.
  41. Commission of Investigation Into The Banking Sector - Nyberg Appointed
  42. The Greek poker player who conned AIB in a €850 million scam- Claims never signed an application form
  43. Dublin to Pump 2-3 bln Euros into Allied Irish Banks -FT
  44. Lenihan's New Appointments to the Central Banks Commission - the Old Order Changeth Not
  45. Nyberg banking enquiry will not name individuals in final report
  46. Link to Lenihan's Citi Conference Call - "No Flight of Capital Because We Are an Island" *face-palm*
  47. Boucher Hayes podcast - Banks' Boards and Management Questions
  48. Irish Businessman Arrested by CAB
  49. Ahern takes some blame. Advises Poland to control their banks!
  50. Banks' ECB borrowing surge in September
  51. Allied Irish Bank Insolvent - Should it Be Let Go ? Irish Bank Watch Thread
  52. Banks..uhhoh
  53. Max Keiser and David McWilliams - Why is Ireland Committing "Nationacide" ?
  54. Morgan Kelly on the next stage of the banking collapse
  55. "Fleeing Vesuvius: Overcoming the risks of economic and environmental collapse"
  56. Bank Run
  57. Fractional Reserve Lending: A lesson/warning from Ireland in the 90s
  58. Massive Credit Union Scandal Involving Davy Stockbrokers - Very Little Attention Given
  59. Anglo Irish ratings cut by SIX levels, now offically JUNK! AIB, BOI & ILP downgraded as well.
  60. Should bank pension schemes be used to Recapitalise Banks?
  61. Dept of Finance emergency plan for collapse of INBS 13/14 September 2008
  62. Irish Canadian Take on the Irish **** Bankers ( Curse Alert!!!)
  63. Another 10 Billion Euro Irish Central Bank Funds Was Put into the Irish Banks Last Month
  64. Dukes contradicts BIFFO. Says full 35 BN will be needed
  65. Foy's case for a bonus payment was in the UK!!
  66. Possible legal solutions to the bankers bonus row
  67. US Embassy briefed by Irish officials on Bank Guarantee 09 October 2008
  68. John Bruton Leads Whistle-Stop Fire Sale of Irish Banks in Middle East -Credit Institutions Bill
  69. The mumbling panjandrum: Kevin Cardiff
  70. Did Noonan Say He Had Seen the Bondholders List ?
  71. Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Bill 2010 - IMF Sell-off of the Irish Banks ?
  72. ECB raises fears over Irish collateral - and "Legal Certainty" of CIS Bill
  73. AIB.....Fined 2 Million Euro by Central Bank for overcharging!!!!
  74. Government takes first step to Nationalise AIB + pours in 3.7 billion of Our Pension Fund
  75. Are AIB staff now public servants?
  76. AIB and conflicts of interest
  77. How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man
  78. Fingleton demanded 'urgent' meeting with Bertie Ahern in 2005 on building society legislation
  79. Secret D o F Paper on Bank Guarantees Feb 08 - "Minister has No Legal Role Re Liquidity"
  80. Lenihan ordered the NTMA to deposit 250m in IL&P in June 2008
  81. Fianna Fαiled: Ireland Prints 25% of its GDP in "German" Euro's
  82. Cork woman Sues AIB after Investment goes Wrong
  83. Honohan: Bank losses could be 'larger' than expected
  84. Bank of Ireland Restructuring Plan - Almunia's Decision
  85. Goggin hooks up with giant €42bn Apollo
  86. Irish League of Credit Unions lobbying campaign
  87. Irish bank's deposit books to be sold off: what are the implications? Wind Up of the Banks
  88. European liquidity and irish handcuffs - FT Alphaville
  89. Irish Nationwide Offers 20% on Subordinated Debt.
  90. Noonan to release results of bank stress tests next week: another €25bn needed?
  91. Central Bank publishes banking stress tests scenarios
  92. State may have to take stake in Irish Life & Permanent
  93. Results of the Irish Banks Stress Tests - Live Stream to Central Bank, Press Conference and Daνl
  94. The Bailout of the Bondholders is for Political not Economic Reasons.
  95. Did Lenihan quietly slip €7bn to the banks before leaving office?
  96. 2000 + Jobs to Go from AIB - Informed by Media - 10 bn Losses
  97. Bank of Ireland - Liquidity Breaches in Jan and April & 950 m loss
  98. AIB Subordinated Liability Order Made In High Court Today
  99. Honohan has flagrantly ignored his own advice on banking crises
  100. Moodys Cuts Irish Banks Rating to Junk
  101. Banks Offers to Give up Tracker Mortgages
  102. AIB Pays Doherty 3 million on His Step Down as MD Last Year
  103. The Nyberg Report - Should be Seen and Not Herd (Report Linked Here)
  104. Headwinds and read across: The Banks tell it like it is
  105. UK's Financial Services Authority to quiz Bank of Ireland whistleblowers-Update-The Fine Gael Connection
  106. Namawinelake Exclusive - INBS Insolvent after 5.4 Billion Bail Out
  107. Michael Noonan to be interviewed on CNBC shortly
  108. AIB was sold a Bulgarian pup and stuck us with the bill for €216m
  109. Report: Stress tests likely to fail up to 15 EU banks
  110. Allied Irish Banks (Yes, it's ours) Acquires EBS + ILP Nationalised
  111. Over-the-counter Derivatives
  112. Ireland downgraded by Moody's to BA1 Junk Outlook Negative
  113. NTMA to withdraw €19 billion bank deposits this week, to use to Recapitalise the Banks.
  114. Allied Irish Bank Advanced and guaranteed 400 million loans to RC Church to pay US abuse victims
  115. The Best Way To Rob a Bank is to Own One - Control Fraud in the Irish Banks
  116. Crony Loans, Embezzled Deposits Sank the Bank
  117. Fire at Seanie Fitz's House
  118. Fingleton's 'inappropiate' bills for golf, hotel stays and dental work
  119. "The Bullshit Being Fed to the TDs on the Bondholder Bailout" (Party Doc. via Gurdgiev)
  120. Ireland's Banking Crisis Unwinds - Focus on 2005-2007
  121. Bank of Ireland UK Pension Holders Threaten Legal Action
  122. The run on the Irish banks resumes
  123. Department of Finance refusal to publish report into INBS-Update-Central Bank investigation continues
  124. Economist Jim O'Leary leaves Dept of Finance after just 15 months
  125. New Bridge Credit Union Taken Over By Central Bank
  126. 11th April 2012 - AIB - Another 1.5 billion euro Unsecured Bonds to Be Repaid Tomorrow Morning
  127. if this (Bloxham, Anglo Irish et al) becomes just another unpunished incident, would you invest here?
  128. Burned bondholders win Anglo case-will Irish banks have to pay compensation?
  129. The Office of Corporate Enforcement does not have the power to investigate Irish Nationwide
  130. Bye, bye, Mr Appleby
  131. A new twist on an old story
  132. The Central Bank has fined Bank of Ireland €120,000 for breaches of an Act which regulates securities & bonds
  133. Government Levy on tracker mortgages ....
  134. AIB still trying to flog remaining rotten loans
  135. Poll: Should the Law be Changed to Recoup Bank Pensions ?
  136. Limerick Soviet 5 Shilling Note for Auction - Should We Take the State Bank Option ?
  137. Peter Mathews Calls Noonan's Bank of Ireland Sale Deal Idiotic
  138. Further bailouts for Irish banks 'can't be excluded' according to latest EU report
  139. Noonan's gift to property speculators- Property tax to be written off against rental income
  140. You ever wanted to know how we're getting screwed by the bond holders?
  141. Bank of Ireland 2012 Losses: €2.1 billion
  142. UK government want to offload Ulster Bank...to Ireland
  143. Irish bankers: 'a bunch of lying, cheating time-wasters interested only in beer and rugby'
  144. Conor Lenihan: "AIB, Minister, and Department of Finance Deceived the Public by Billions over Loans Exposure"
  145. Fiona Muldoon to leave the Central Bank
  146. All Party Oireachtas Group to Complete Banks Enquiry in One Year
  147. The cracks are reappearing in Ireland's banking system
  148. Loan Write Offs for Bank Employees - Should They Even Be Legal ?
  149. AIB refuses to comment on the execs who borrowed and lost 20 million of the bank's money on property speculation
  150. Jerry Conlan, NAMA and Mount Carmel Hospital
  151. How to fleece a government, Irish style
  152. The private equity racket
  153. EU Commission Gives 21 billion of Irish Peoples Money to AIB: Noonan Planning a Fire Sale ?
  154. Denis O'Brien, Michael Noonan and two Irish banks
  155. Bank of Ireland Bans Over Counter Withdrawals under €700